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When it comes to other peoples’ bad habits it’s easy to think up a huge list. Leaving food out on the bench, forgetting dirty clothes on the floor, biting nails and slouching in your chair… The list goes on!

But what about your own bad habits? As much as we hate to admit it, most of us have a bad habit we’d like to break.

It could be something small like drinking milk from the bottle, or something a bit bigger like smoking or other unhealthy no-nos.

They say to make something a habit you have to do it everyday for 30 days, and the same goes with breaking a habit too.

Try as we might though, some people just can’t seem to rid themselves of those habits they’ve had for years.

Some have even been known to go to extreme lengths such as hypnotism to try to break themselves out of it.

Whether it’s something mediocre, like tapping your pen on the desk, or something a bit more noticeable, like leaving the toilet seat up (a bad habit many men seem to have!), we all have a bad habit we’d like to break.

What’s yours?

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