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Life is full of great achievements and wonderful memories to be made. Unfortunately however, with the good can come some really difficult choices to make as well. With some of the hardest decisions to make, it’s often the uncertainty of how that choice will affect us in the future that can make them so daunting.

Career choices can be some of the hardest to make, including which job path is right for you, how much work is enough, when should you retire – all of which can have lasting flow on effects well into the next few years.

Family choices are tremendously challenging too, with the choices of few impacting many – such as children, siblings and parents. At what age will you move out? How far away from your family and friends will you move? Where’s the best place to settle down and start a family? What school should you send your children too? All of these questions and hundreds more.

Life is full of ongoing challenges but as daunting as the choices we make can be, the results can often be rewarding and have a positive impact on your life and those around you.

We’d love to know, what is the hardest decision you’ve ever made? What was the outcome? Would you make the same decision again?

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  1. So true. Some decisions were agonised and procrastinated over . We now often talk about the bends in the road and the ‘what if we had done?’ The hardest decision though was deciding when it was time to have our beloved pet border collie put down. We’ve never really gotten over that and it still upsets us.

  2. Declaring bankruptcy in 1997 losing our house, car the lot but in the long run it was the best decision I ever made because what followed in the next few years was sensational !!

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