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We all have a few things we’d like to achieve in our lifetime. Whether your goals are career orientated such as scoring your dream job, or working your way up the corporate ladder, family orientated as an aspiring parent or grandparent, or adventure and travel orientated full of exploration of new and exciting places and experiences. Perhaps your dreams fall somewhere in between?

These days an emphasis is put on young people to follow their dreams, explore, try new things and ‘discover themselves’ before they embark on the life journey of ‘settling down’ – and in today’s age, some people new quite get around to the settling down part.

However, for the older generation approaching retirement – the time for fulfilling all the dreams you have left on your bucket list is now. Travel for instance, is high on the list of aspirations for many retirees. Becoming a grandparent is another goal – even if it’s one not entirely in your hands.

Here at Starts at 60, we recognise that over 60’s are a dynamic, full-of-life bunch with some long fulfilling years ahead, ready to take on their next life adventure.

With that, we’d love to know – what goal currently tops your bucket list? Is it travel, career, or family related?

Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Travel to see Torres del Paine, Pieta Moreno Glacier, Alaska Passage, & Iceland.

  2. I have a dream of cruising & exploring the Greek Islands and then travelling to Malta for more exploring!

  3. To see all my family happy and secure!

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