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Coffee and wine. One is designed to give us the much needed energy kick in the morning to start off our day; the other is a nice relaxing treat to help us switch off that now bustling brain.

Most of us drink one or the other of these drinks, and some of us drink both! Both drinks contain help benefits and for many, having a cup of coffee with breakfast or a glass of wine with dinner is routine and one life’s small pleasures that gets us through our day.

But could you give them up, completely? The idea of going without a morning coffee is downright frightening to some!

We’d like to know today, ‘which would be harder for you to call quits? A morning coffee, or a glass of relaxing wine with dinner?’

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Coffee. I would only have about one cup per week. Wine I drink about five times a week.

    I have never been “addicted” to anything in my life.
    I really don’t understand this addiction thing.
    I used to take heaps of Valium when I was working to help me sleep and had no problems stopping cold turkry after I retired.
    I sometime drink coffee, but mostly tea, because coffee tends to make my mouth feel furry.
    I have no problem at all taking coffee or leaving it.
    Wine is a little harder to give up because I get a lot of pleasure in drinking it with my dinner, but I would not need tremendous will power to stop drinking as some people seem to.
    Actually I have stopped drinking for weeks on end but then I missed the pleasure of having it with dinner. That is not an addiction!

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    • Gosh Richard you are some kind of saint! What a sanctimonious bastard you are! Either that or you are a boring prat!

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