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When we were born, our parents chose our name for us – we really didn’t have much input, did we? Some parents chose on the spot, while others had known for a while what their child would be called. But names don’t always suit everyone – in fact some people even change their names when they’re old enough. Other have been called a completely different name their whole lives.

A quick ask around the Starts at 60 office reveals what we would have been called if we were the opposite sex. Emma would’ve been called Ross, whereas Calista’s mother always knew she’d be a girl. Mel would’ve been Phil, and Meagan was always a Meagan! Emma’s mum said she was considering Naomi, Nicola or Cecilia but Emma still doesn’t think any of them suit her.

As a child, maybe you called yourself something different, or adopted a nickname that became more of a name than any on your birth certificate.

Karen told us about a woman she knew who changed her name later in life to Bianca Pacé meaning quiet peace – it’s French but she was actually Italian!

So we want to know today: do you like your name? What would you change it to if you could?


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  1. My name is really Marlene, but I prefer to be called Marlee.

  2. My Mother always seemed to have some sort of issue with her names. She was baptised as Faith Laurie Robinson, but she always signed her name L.F. (Laurie Faith). However, from an early age, and for all of her life, she was always known as Jane. Go figure.

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