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Australian’s love their TV shows! Particularly, we’re very fond of reality/talent programs like The Block and Masterchef. In fact it seems like sometimes our mainstream programming is dominated by cooking and other talent competition shows, with a few international sitcoms thrown in for good measure. There is definitely not a shortage of programs to watch!

What is your favourite TV show of the moment? 

Do you prefer reality programs like The Block and MasterChef, classic Aussie shows like Offspring and Neighbours or sitcoms/dramas like The Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother? And how could we forget the infamous Downton Abbey!

Here are some of the best television programs to ever come out of Australia:

  1. Offspring
  2. Hey Hey It’s Saturday
  3. Young Talent Time
  4. Neighbours
  5. Home and Away
  6. Kath and Kim
  7. Prisoner
  8. A Country Practice
  9. Heartbreak High
  10. A Place to Call Home

Did we miss any from the list? What is your favourite Aussie show? 

We asked you before what your favourite TV show was growing up and here are some of the top comments.

Shirley said, “oooh where to start, Lassie, The Waltons, Beverly Hillbillies, Skippy, Ben, Bonanza could go on forever. Wish our kids could see these old goodies instead of that awful Si Fi rubbish they watch!”

Diane added, “Didn’t have a TV until I was 12 or 13, but the old lady next door used to love having my brother and I in to watch Disneyland, National Velvet and Lassie. Loved those shows.”

Neil replied saying, “We were allowed to stay up an extra half hour on a Monday night to watch “I Love Lucy”. I was also a member of the “Mickey Mouse Club”

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  1. Frasier the old series. The new series wasn’t nearly as funny.

  2. I agree with ALL the 1st 10in the list above ,However NO I do not like the reality shows-_”Masterchef YES Frasier was Good comedy even though it was NOT Australian

  3. I absolutely loved Offspring. I couldn’t wait for each episode. I know my mum and sister felt the same. It was hilarious. The family dynamics made the show.

  4. All those “reality” shows have nothing to do with their titles…they are just emotional extreme sideshows.
    Has anyone learnt how to cook from masterchef or my kitchen rules ? You’ve certainly learnt how to chuck a hissy fit.

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