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Whether it was the soothing sound of the ABC radio playing in the car as you drifted off to sleep in the back seat or the hourly updates blasting across the room while you were at work, radio has been a part of everyones’ lives at some point. It is still a very popular form of media and entertainment today, do you listen to the radio now?

Australia’s first licensed radio station was created in 1922 and since then we have heard all kinds of stations go to air. In the early 1930s-1960s programs playing during the day had focus on education and entertainment for children and women at home. While the evenings played entertainment for families, with some of the most popular being “Dad and Dave”.

The 70’s saw the introduction of of many community stations, including Brisbane’s 4ZZZ and additionally Double Jay as the first non-commercial 24-hour rock station in Australia.

Today there is an average of 18,761,000 people over the age of 15 who listen to the radio in Australia. Of them 7,338,000 people listen to ABC and/or SBS. While the most popular time for people listening to the radio is around breakfast time (5am-9am).

What are your favourite radio stations?

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  1. My favourite is Coast to Coast 105.0 fm here in New Zealand. 👍👍

  2. 2CA Canberra everyday. …playing the best of the 60’s and 70’s when real music was made

  3. 3AW, but I turn t off when those annoying ads come on.

  4. Listen to 2CH Sydney on the internet plays all the music i love Bob Rogers on Saturday evening Great music

  5. ABC Radio National, provokative, thoughtful, questioning programmes. I hear views expressed that are never heard on mainstream radio or television and certainly never found in newspapers. My beliefs and impressions of the world are challenged everyday. As a young woman we also listened to JJJ, then called Double J. We had to sit in the back yard with the transistor radio leaning against the hills hoist to get reception as it was only broadcast in New South Wales, now often listen to the new Double J.
    I do not understand people who listen to commercial radio, they are a breed apart and I could never listen to talk back mindless radio.

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    • I agree Susan. I love the ABC, both wireless and TV.

  6. 774 ABC John Faine also listen to the early show with Redmond at 5.30am on my way to the pool.

  7. 104.9 on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, plays music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Listen to it at work and also at home

  8. We listen to 2NURFM in Newcastle NSW. This radio station broadcasts from Newcastle University. They play 50’s, 60’s & 70’s predominately with a splattering of 80’s / 90’s. Good memories.

  9. I have an internet radio and listen mostly to US stations.
    My favourites are Horror Theatre, Money Radio, and KKOL which airs mainly Bloomberg finance information.
    The radio connects to my broadband modem via WI-FI.
    I can basically listen to many stations around the world, and in many languages.
    Far more interesting than the very narrow range of stuff here in Australia

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