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There are so many iconic Australian bikkies! Whether it’s a Tim Tam, Iced VoVo or Monte Carlo, we all have a favourite. Which do you prefer?

There’s no doubt that Arnott’s has created some of the best biscuits in the market. Millions of us have grown up on Arnott’s biscuits – it’s a piece of Australia’s history.

Ice VoVo’s are treasured favourite topped with pink fondant, a strip of jammy raspberry filling and a sprinkling of coconut. It’s been an Aussie icon since 1906! We all know this is Kevin Rudd’s favourite. Do you remember Rudd’s light-hearted mention of Iced VoVos in his election speech as he jokingly urged his team to have a strong cup of tea and an Iced VoVo before getting to work. Apparently this led to a huge spike in Iced VoVo sales and Arnott’s sent a pallet of the biscuits to Parliament House!

Tim Tams, the chocolatey classic now come in all sorts of varieties – all of which are perfect for a legendary Tim Tam slam. Do you remember doing a Tim Tam Slam as a kid?

According to Arnotts, over 669 million individual Tim Tam biscuits have been devoured and the original Tim Tam is Arnott’s most popular biscuit. Is this your favourite too?


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  1. Totally dislike timtams! Always have! Not a lover of caramel, in any form!

    My fave is good old ‘Chocolate Monte’. As I kid, the chocolate base was thick, now it’s just ‘waved over’!

    There’re many Arnotts’ biscuits I enjoy, & have ‘binges’ at various times! At the moment, it’s ‘Monte Carlo’! Really enjoy ‘Kingston’ & ‘Nice’, too.

  2. Monte Carlo & Scotch Finger. Yummy but no good for the waist line.

  3. why can we in NZ not get Iced Vo Vo’s they sound yummy, and i love biscuits with coconut in them.

  4. Iced Vo Vos, Scotch finger and Choc.Monte. Yum.

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