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Marriage can be a wonderful thing and it can also be a difficult thing – especially when it comes to your partner’s annoying habits!

Most people have little habits that others find annoying, but having to live with them 24/7 can be trying to say the least!

Some people leave dirty clothes on the floor, some constantly forget to put the milk back in the fridge and others can never seem to remember to close a cupboard door after they’ve opened it.

Thankfully, most people learn to grit their teeth and deal with it, with many couples finding they end up relying on the other to pick up their slack.

And isn’t that what marriage is all about anyway? Being able to lean on each other and embrace all of the annoying little habits each other has…

That’s not to say you can’t have a rant every now and then though!

So tell us, what’s your partner’s annoying habit?

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  1. Never communicated with me!
    Found out he had AS, only after we split.
    He didn’t bother telling me he had THAT either!
    I wasted 2/3 of my life with him; now I’m too old to meet any other man.
    Thanks for nothing, you selfish b!

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