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When it comes to age, they say it’s less about the number and more about how you feel.

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to get old! These days getting older means you have more time to do all the fun things you’ve been putting off for so long.

You can retire from works and start a full-time role with the fun police instead, spending time with your family and friends, taking up new hobbies and focussing on your health and wellbeing in a way you didn’t have time for when you were younger.

While there are of course changes to your body and health to account for, there’s more time to take care of yourself and learn about what it means to be healthy as a senior.

If you’re lucky enough to have grandkids, you can spend your free time with them, babysitting, hanging out on weekends and looking after them whenever you get the chance.

Other people use their free time to volunteer or get involved with the community in whatever way they can.

Some people say the older they get the younger they feel.

They have more time to focus on themselves and are full of energy like never before.

How old do you feel right now? Do you feel younger than your years?

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  1. I’m 69 but don’t focus on age, I feel great and just focus on doing what I like. Age is only a description.

  2. I am 67, and I am fortunate to have nice skin and so apart from character lines around my eyes and mouth, my skin actually looks good.

    I tell people that my son will be 43 this year, but then I say, I don’t know how that can be because I am only 40! and this is how old I feel!

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    • I don’t think this article was focusing on our looks, but on our states of mind!

  3. At the moment I feel about 100 ! Have done too many jobs today, to the extent of stupidity

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