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Plenty of people in our community have shared their favourite food memories with us. It’s amazing to see the feedback about their Mum’s cooking.

What was your favourite dish Mum cooked growing up? Do you have fond memories of Mum’s cooking? If not, were you honest about it or did you try to hide your true opinions?

“My mum cooked everything so nice” said Cheryl. “Tuesdays was Mum’s cooking day, all day. Scones, biscuits, all types of pies, large cakes, small cakes, and slices. She was a wonderful cook and taught me heaps”.

Carmen remembers “corn beef hash, steak and kidneys, sponges, bread and butter pudding, baked rice custard, stewed fruit, boiled fruit cake, boiled plum pudding. Actually, anything Mum or Grandma cooked was wonderful!” That’s quite the assortment of foods Carmen!

Another community member, Fred shared “Mum was pretty good in the kitchen but I’m not sure if dad was a help or a hindrance. Mum could make some lovely cakes and desserts but the roast dinners were a dream”.

Finally Carol says it so perfectly, “anything our mum cooked was pretty good. We were bought up in the days when there were no McDonalds, and very few takeaway bars. Woman knew how to cook in those days and make a meal out of just about nothing.”

There are so many wonderful memories of Mum’s cooking. Do you like to make some of her traditional recipes now?


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  1. My earliest favourite dish of Mum’s was Rainbow Cake, I always felt good when mum made it for me. My next dish and I try hard to make the same myself to no avail, was her chocolate rice pudding, I still can taste it when I think of it. Both dishes were always very special to me.

  2. Sounds strange but delicious. Lamb stew with date scones.

  3. 1950,s ….. Bread and butter pudding or Creamy boiled rice / sago.

  4. Nothing – Mum was a terrible cook. Even when Nan was cooking the dogs food it smelt good.

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    • My Mum was the first to say she was a terrible cook………….white sauce was flour and water……a pile of mashed white turnips is NOT delicious….. rhubarb without sugar ???? My DAD was a great cook….. roast chicken, oyster soup, tomato and passionfruit jam…….wonderful !!!!

  5. When Mum asked what I would like her to cook for dinner on my birthday I said Shepherd’s Pie, which amused her as it was what she made when she had cold roast meat left over. I loved using the meat grinder, mashing the spuds and the lovely crunch of cheese on top.

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    • my mums shepherd’s pie was made the same, I never have enough left over roast to make one, and don’t have an old hand mincer like mum either. But her pie was to die for.

    • Nowadays, some people (including businesses) confuse cottage pie and shepherd’s pie. Cottage pie can contain any meat (usually beef mince). Shepherd’s pie was traditionally made from minced lamb, hogget or mutton – in other words meat from a sheep. Shepherds looked after (herded) sheep – hence sheep-herder’s pie.

      If you have any allergies to beef or other meats – be careful.

  6. Mum’s roast dinners. Coming home from Mass on a Sunday and walking in the back door and smelling the roast lamb Mum had put on earlier was the best. Also Mum’s mint sauce to go with the lamb made from mint she grew in the old tin out the back.

  7. Golden sausages – would come home on a winters Christchurch night from work and the aroma down the drive was awesome!

  8. When we were children growing up in UK,Mum would always cook us a roast on Sunday(they called it a joint then) loads of veg from Dads allotment, and mint sauce,whenever I have mint sauce,I remember those days…good times.

  9. My mum was an excellent cook. She made Spanish Dish handed down from her mother. Basically a baked potato and bacon pie without the pastry. Took it for lunch the next day with Barby sauce. Yumbo!!

  10. her roasts , sponge cakes, rice pudding and all the other goodies

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