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Best friends are family that you get to choose, so the expression goes. Finding that friend that you just click instantly with is something that always stays with us and from that moment forward many of your best memories can often find them right there with you.

There are few better feelings than knowing you have a friend you can trust and healthy friendships can last a lifetime, so we often remember the exact moment this incredible person entered our lives.

Today we’d love to know, ‘how did you meet your best friend? How long have you been bestfriends?’

Tell us the story in the comments below!

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  1. I met my best friend at a Square Dance back in 1978, I married her in 1979 & we are still enjoying our life together.

  2. I met my best friend in Grade 1!
    We’re still good friends after many decades!
    TRUE friendship is a blessing!

    Have had people who were ‘supposed’ friends, even over years’, but turned out they were just ‘users’.
    Sad really, that people can be like that. But it’s their loss.

  3. Met my best friend on the first day of high school in 1967. Our friendship has only strengthened with the years.

  4. First day of high school , I new no one nervous and very uncomfortable in our first assembly a very attractive dark hair and dark eyed girl stood beside me, she glance at me and smile a friendly smile. We both stood nervously until our names were called , then we were call start after each other’s ‘Jacqueline ” and “Jacqueline” it ment that we would be in the same class . I don’t know what it was we both fealt relived that we would be together and that’s how it was for the next fifty eight years, till she past away last year with cancer . I really miss my good friend. The laughs alone we had the same humor . Shared many a good time ,had kids together and shared our life’s . Till we meet again Jackie !

  5. In Guildford W.R.A.C Barracks in 1955 and we have been best friends ever since

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