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You might have inherited your mother’s strong jawline or your father’s eyes, or you might think you don’t resemble either parent in any way.

Every human gets a copy of each gene from their parents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are equally active in creating who you are.

Since each parent has their own personality it is possible to figure out which of them has had the most impact on your own personality growing up. It’s certainly possible for you to appear more like one parent than another, but it would be fair to say that it all comes down to chance. Is there any truth to the saying that you become your parents as you get older?

Research from 2015 showed that the genes of your father are more dominant than those inherited from your mother, even if you look and act more like your mother. But there is also scientific evidence to suggest that your health can be blamed on your mother.

Do you think you look more like one parent than the other? Are there personality traits you think you have inherited from one of your parents?

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  1. I look like my Dad, unfortunately I have my mother’s legs, my Dad had legs that would make Robin Hood proud!

  2. I look just like my mum and my daughter looks like both of us l have my dads colouring hair etc

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