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It’s the time of year when everyone is starting to come down with all types of colds, flu and cold weather related aches and pains. There are also the unfortunate people who live with body aches and pains all year round.

Some arthritis sufferers swear that their aches and pains get worse in colder months, and whilst theres been no definitive proof that the cold is to blame, there are some curious theories as to why this might be, such as an increase of pressure on joints caused by shifting temperatures, and misbehaving nerves.

With the Autumn finally beginning to set in, we’d like to know:

Are you are experiencing any pain right now? Do you think that cooling weather has played a part?

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  1. I am an accurate weather forecaster. I can tell you 24 hours ahead when it is going to rain by the aching of my legs. The only logical scientific explanation I can give for this is that with some arthritis in my knees, I have become sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. Low pressure usually means rain. Perhaps our bones take a length of time to adjust to these changes. This theory is supported by the fact that I also ache on long distance plane flights. this has only been the case since I reached my mid sixties in age.

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    • I totally agree. 24 hours before it rains my achilles tendons on both legs become quite painfull. I have also been told that it is due to the change in atmospheric pressure. I am as accurate as any barrometer.

    • I agree .Living in pacific islands a drop in air pressure around you signifies changes in body pressures

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