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With the ongoing supermarket war reaching new competitive heights each week, consumers seem to be getting more bang-for-their-buck than ever. Lowering prices on everyday items and essential fridge-fillers such as fruit, vegetables and fresh meat in an effort to draw in customers is a win for consumers, but amongst the battle between the mega-retailers maintaining a bottom line, comes the middle man getting hurt the most by lowering prices: the local small-business owner.

The impact of big business grocers on small business is a well-documented issue in the media, especially when discussing the amount big chains pay suppliers and farmers for their the fruits of their labour, all pun intended.

For this reason alone, many people have become firm supporters of the local grocery and are starting to turn away from supermarket super-chains to support small business owners and the direct relationship that exists between local farmers and suppliers.

Do you by local? If so, what is your motivation for doing so? Let us know in the comments.

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