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This year’s Gilkatho Cappuccino Price Index has been released, showing just how much the price of coffee varies between Australian cities!

Gold Coasters pay the most for their daily brew, coughing up nearly $4 per cup. Coffee lovers in Sydney pay the least, at $3.35 on average.

“Whilst Sydney has one of the highest costs of living in the world, it also has the cheapest coffee in Australia”, explained a Gilkatho spokesperson.

“This can be seen as a result of the high density, highly competitive, coffee market within the Sydney CBD”.

Takeaway Cappuccino Price Index
Gold Coast: $3.95
Adelaide: $3.50
Brisbane: $3.62
Canberra: $3.61
Hobart: $3.73
Melbourne: $3.63
Perth: $3.86
Sydney: $3.35
National: $3.62

How does the cost of your favourite coffee compare? Do you visit a regular coffee shop, or brew your own? How much are you prepared to pay for a cup of coffee?

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  1. Coffee at a good Coffee shop with friends is more about the pleasure of spending time chatting & catching up. I often see other people I know less well but enjoy keeping in touch with. BUT, takeaway in a paper cup… Forget it!

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    • could not agree more, I meet up with friends several times a week, not always the same friends but still enjoy it and our local shop has the best coffee.

  2. I don’t care about cost when it comes to coffee. I drink mine strong and black, so flavour to me is the important aspect of coffee drinking.
    So many specialist coffee cafes serve the nastiest coffee in terms of bitterness or over roasting. I don’t complain as its a matter of personal taste, I just go elsewhere.

  3. Best coffee brewed and made at home. Can make it in any size cup and not have to pay upwards of $4:50 a $5:00. Though when out like to enjoy a coffee with friends.

  4. Absolutely refuse to buy coffee from Starbucks or any other American chain….must have mine in a china cup and I have to sit down and drink it – it’s my treat and it costs me $4 for a large one.

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