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It doesn’t seem like Australia will be getting a direct apology from Bronwyn Bishop anytime soon – and the Australian people don’t seem very happy about it.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, responding to calls for her to resign over a recent $5,200 flight from Melbourne to Geelong, has responded to the criticism. However, her response has left many Australians wanting.

She acknowledged it was an error in judgement, and “clearly unacceptable”. However, asked if she would apologise, she simply said “the biggest apology one can make is to repay the amount”.

“When I saw the figure, it looked large and I thought I should pay it, and am paying it”.

She did, however, use her time in the spotlight to snipe at those criticising her.

“There’s been a political beat-up and I’m very sorry it’s taken the heat off Mr Shorten and his triple-whammy carbon tax bill,” she said.

She also likened it to Joe Hockey’s recent controversial comments about the poor. “Joe says some funny things sometimes, doesn’t he?”

“I think he said poor people don’t drive cars or something.”

The Australian people were quick to respond.  Comments on the newly-dubbed “ChopperGate” have since exploded on Twitter, with comedians, journalists and politicians alike keen to join in on the matter.

Read some of the most memorable comments below, and tell us: do you agree? Is Australia right to bite back so hard at Bishop? Or has she done enough to make amends?

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  1. Its the standard attitude from her side of politics! Entitled Elitism to the extreme! The “let them eat cake!” Conservatives!! Great bunch of philanthropists!! NOT!

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    • Do you really think Labor don’t do the same . or haven’t done it, over the term of Rudd/ Gillard Govt. very convenient to just start NOW . Example Shorten, the latest. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones . Could come back to bite them . I sure think you lot are very naive, or stupid . We have SH Young in middle East using money that could have had more benefit in Australia Of course the weather over there is much nicer than here,

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      • Dawn Bruce of course both sides of Politics abuse their entitlements. It’s just that the Libs are bigger and better at it. Even the PM managed to defraud the taxpayers by claiming costs of $12,500.00 when he went on his book tour! But as soon as it was pointed out that he couldn’t claim expenses while promoting his book launch he reluctantly paid it back. So it happens from the top down. I’m sure you can point out many others. Bronwyn Bushop as Speaker should uphold the integrity of Parliament and resign. The arrogance of this Liberal Government is breath taking.

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        • Snowwhite, $5200 and $12,500 seem insignificant to the amounts involved in the corruption allegations against union officials and ALP politicians. Are they not measured in the hundreds of thousands, millions? All politicians have their hands in the bikkie bin one way or another, whether it is travel expenses or accommodation costs, overseas ‘fact finding’ missions ( I wonder what ‘facts’ SH Young will find in the Middle East). ALL of them should be held accountable.

    • Aaah a right wing troll that would stick up for the LNP even if they were a bunch of axe murderers! Just who really IS stupid??

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    • Don’t be fooled. Look up the statistics. All politicians are on the bandwagon of abusing their priviledges.

    • gillard 25 million to hilary clinton IN AMERICA 100 million to adelaide uni in exchange for honory degree …ALL LEGAL ..change the system but dont come on here holy as though and say labour are innocents..but it seems labour voters are happy to overlook labour rorts …

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      • Labor Graeme Condely. At least spell it properly when you criticise!

  2. Bronwyn Bishop cost the taxpayer $14,000 in a fortnight on her recent $90,000 overseas Jaunt to Europe. For a black limo to taxi her around Europe, it cost $1000 a day. She is out of control and I doubt very much she is going to apologize. She is very arrogant and wasteful of taxpayers money. She should be sacked

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    • They are entitled to things and they have always been entitled to things, get over it, it is part of the job….if they do wrong and pay it back then that is fine too…..I am not saying I agree with everything they are entitled too, but the Labor party had huge entitlements too when they were in….they also had people do wrong with their entitlements too.

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      • You can’t keep your nose in the trough to this extent Judith when you tell the peasants the age of entitlement is over, and you all need to do more lifting for the sake of the country and its future. Just because they all do it doesn’t make it ok. Adopting an attitude of acceptance only encourages it – Australians are sick of politicians stretching the rules to serve their own interests at our expense. It does not matter which party they belong to – it is not on. They have the gall to call us leaners – it is obvious who does all the leaning, and it is not us!

      • Judith the age of entitlements has finished so the LNP stated so thats your argument up in smoke

    • The ALP is not under question in this incident, but all Australians with exception of Liberal voters who seem to think this is acceptable..find this disgraceful and if an ALP politician doing this rorting of the taxpayer..I would be here saying the same thing..enough is enough

    • Judith Forbes
      So why did Abbott say Slipper wasn’t entitled to use cab vouchers and forced him to stand down as speaker. And that was only $900.
      As for entitlement. They are NOT entitled to use government funds for private parties which is what she did.

    • Only her electorate can sack her, I wish people would understand how our parliament works. This is all a distraction from labor to take the heat off shorten and their woeful new carbon tax

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      • That isn’t how it works Ann. Check it out properly. Tony Abbott should take her out of the Speaker’s job and put her on the Back Bench. Her electorate didn’t appoint her as Speaker, he did and that’s obviously another Captains Pick that went wrong. She has destroyed the trust that the House should have in the position of Speaker through her arrogance and belief that she can do no wrong.

      • Ann, get your facts right, it isn’t a tax and it isn’t new. It’s an impost on polluters. Removing it was supposed to save us money, which was proved to be a lie. It was bringing in millions and reducing pollution, which is what it’s supposed to do, when Abbott gave it the chop because he’s in the pocket of these polluters. Please, educate yourself instead of believing the sad, tired old LNP lies.

    • No Ann Carson , sorry but you are wrong, Abbott put her is the position as speaker and she should be sack from the Speakers position and put on the back bench. It is you who has no understanding

    • Ann Carson
      You need to educate yourself on how the House of Representatives works. The Liberal Party put her in the position of Speaker and they can remove her on 1 secs notice.
      It’s your type of ignorance about how Australian politics work that the LNP count on to pull in supporters. People who don’t know and who refuse to educate themselves but instead listen to the crap that is fed to them by the LNP.

    • Sorry Ann Carson but your “woeful new carbon tax” simply doesn’t exist. It’s just one of the myriad of things which need to be considered. It is being responsible and thorough for any political party to look at all the options … both sides of politics do this all the time … but very few ideas or considerations ever make it as far as actual policy.

    • Ever since I heard about her $90,000 trip to Europe I hzve wondered how it came to that?? We pay the bills can we please have a break down on here so we can see where our money is going??
      My husband and i spent 6 weeks over there and were lucky to spend 10% of that?????

    • Ann, it is not a carbon tax but an emissions trading scheme price. Very useful and wrong wording being used by TA to scare people. Anyway, call it what you want but we NEED it here in Australia to safeguard it for the future.

    • She was living like Royalty on taxpayers money Libby., this will never wash with Australian Public, I have no idea why she thought she could get away with this, except that she is so arrogant

    • Maybe Anne Carson is one of those lucky people who received the $550 from the abolition of the carbon tax???

    • Deborah
      Yeah. I agree. I’m still waiting for mine as well. My power bill went up when they abolished the CT.

    • Ian Vaudrey it sure is a good deal when she is not paying a cent, Australian taxpayers are, she does not need a Limo, she is not The Queen, or President Obama or a rock star. I doubt anyone in Europe would even know who she was.

    • I am sorry Ann Carson but you are a perfect example of someone who blindly believes everything fed to them by the LNP and the Murdoch Media. Do some research for yourself and find out the truth.

    • Don’t care which side of politics you are devoted to. Are you honestly saying you’re happy for this person to knowingly spend our money in such a grand manner and then flippantly call it an oversight. Are you happy with how our money is being constantly clawed from us to pay for these luxuries. THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED.

    • David James and Ruth Hourigan well said and about time Abbott’s “Captains Pick” gets the boot. What an arrogant self opiniated woman who is by far the most biassed Speaker we have had to endure. In fact, I couldn’t care less what party she represents/favours as this is about rorting the system and whats good for the goose e.g. “Slipper” is good for the gander “Bishop!” Certainly she needs to step aside and find herself on the end of an old aged pension. Apologies and rebuffs from her may well take on a different slant BUT guess dreams don’t come true in this not so honest fairy tale!!!! A disgusting woman with no respect for the taxpayers – the working class who are the backbone of this country that many like this arrogant prig are afforded a life of luxury for doing what????

  3. I have blown the whistle on all 3 levels of government and this is just one more case of how arrogant and disrespectful the politicians have become in this country. There is an old saying, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN A POLITICIAN IS LIEING? ANSWER = WHEN THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING.

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  4. Arrogant !!

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    • Glynis, it is easy to be gracious when you are pocketing hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money. She is the worst speaker in history. She has to go.

    • As far as Bronwyn concerned shes paid back the money .so I dont have to apologize thats arrogance to me .not setting a good example 🙁

  5. lol I had to laugh when she put it back on Joe Hockey, only time I have agreed with him years, she does not pass the sniff test

  6. If the Govt is against miss use (Theft) of tax payers money.She must be sacked……..

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    • and prosecuted. If it’s appropriate to pursue Slipper for $900, it’s appropriate to pursue Bishop for $5K, and the rest.

  7. Why would Australians be happy with this? People work hard, they go to work every day and the money they are paying in taxes frittered away by this woman. Australians are sick of ALL politicans rorting. The Liberals have cut and slashed the incomes of many in this country, then to turn around and waste money like this is an obscenity.. they can’t seem to see it and it will continue

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    • I agree. This reckless spending is horrendous. Politicians seem to become greedy with their so-called professional development and trips abroad with family. This trip was unnecessary as well!

    • I agree. Pompous attitude needs to be knocked on the head. Spending someone else’s hard earned cash. Very poor concept I say.

    • It is ALL politicians who treat the public purse like their own bank account. Overtime for changes to entitlements for both sides of politics. If you expect the public to accept spending cuts then that more than applies to the politicians as they should be making an example.
      They DO get a good salary and if you were an executive you still have to justify spending ludicrous amounts as expenses. Why do they think they are exempt? Sick of the lot of them.
      Instead of pointing the finger at each other to deflect from other dodgy deals to undermine the party get on with the job you were voted in to do and clean up your acts. Stop spending money like water, stop the rorts (Hockey).

    • Well said Kay. I realy think no side of ploitics is any better than the other, but time has come to cease this needless power spending and reign in like the rest of us have to. After all, the are ONLY public servants.

    • Absolutely Neil. I have the most trouble when it comes to voting as I cannot see any party better than another one and when in power they spend their time trying to undermine & ridicule or bring up old history to deflect the public on the absolutely atrocious job they are doing and no better than they one they took over from.
      It is more like they look after what THEY can get out of it for themselves and not what can be done to move our wonderful country forward so everyone can live side by side in peace, be financially sound.
      If you need to go on the pension and have worked for 45-50 years and need help don’t make them feel like thieves as they most probably built this country what it is today and worked for low money & could not provide enough for their old age, does not mean they were useless just not everyone gets this magical average $75-80K p/annum. I wish.
      Most people I know including us actually work for an average of $40-45k gross and have to pay high rents, mortgages, child care etc and live quite frugally, never go on holidays as they can’t afford it.
      As a mature age worker I am looking for work as not enough super & my partner not getting much work at the moment as it is winter and on the New Start Allowance at the moment. It is actually only $234.40 p/w plus $60 p/wk rent subsidy so the MAXIMUM is $597.70 per fortnight. My partner only got 2 days work last fortnight and this is the maximum for both of us. No wonder my super is disappearing fast. he should be getting more work as it gets warmer just have to persevere. So when you see the likes of Fisher and Hockey claiming ludicrous entitlements. This is our reality and it just makes me boil actually.

    • Time now for the government to be examined for ALL their personal spending. Don’t forget they are supposed to be working for us, we have to show everything we do, so why not them?

    • PUBLIC SERVANTS might imply that they have a job serving the public and not themsleves. Just because they can doesn’t mean they should regarding allowances which by the way they granted themselves via legislation. Pull in the belt they say. Having just been reduced in my income tax return to 10% of what I got every year for at least three before this (a measly amount by comparison and one I might say just gave me a little opportunity each year to take a little modest holiday or do a very minor reno to the house) I have to question the integrity of moral fibre of these self serving politicians who prove again and again who they are by their actions. Not all pollies but the ones that do these things.

    • no your biased Mavis Beckett, you can’t see the forest for the tree’s, Australians are fed up with all of them rorting

    • You are so right Kay, I am 78 years old and was deemed unfit for work. Instead of staying home I began to work for a welfare organisation and was running a food centre, this projects commenced in a 3 bedroom housing commission flat and progressed to a full blown supermarket serving the less well off in our community. Managing this food centre as a volunteer for 18 years was no easy task but I felt that I had to earn the money I was receiving. Although it didn’t include any physical work, there was the responsibility for getting volunteers to do the work, maintaining the numbers (75) in all, attending meetings, arranging deals with wholesalers and the like. Plus being called out every time the alarm went off.
      Now that I have retired because of ill health (10 years ago) oral cancer & Parkinson’s disease.
      I felt guilty about receiving so much gear from the health system until I was told that I had paid taxes from the age of 13 when I first started work, and it was cheaper to provide the gear than have me in hospital.

    • In all my years, I have never seen a government so disliked as this one is. I hope people have now woken up and won’t make the same mistake at the next election. It bothers me that many Liberal voters still can’t see what this government is doing to our country and it’s people. We are going backwards !

    • oh but but, when it was found out that the politians wives were double dipping into child minding services, Hockey said it was not a criminal offense…….now imagine if the average hard working Australian person did this????…….double dipping and double standards…….ITS GOT TO STOP……..and i would like to see that when politicians leave office, they collect nothing, no on going salary (75% of what they were earning)….do what every other Australian has to do…….go find another job!!!!!

    • Absolutely agree Marlene. Also Mike so sorry to hear your news and hope you recover soon. As for working early I started at 16 and worked HARD all my life and paid my taxes. As my partner is younger than me when he gets permanent work which they have promised he will get soon and starts earning again I will be cut down……so that means when I get to pension age which is only about 3-1/2 yrs I will have to keep working until he gets to retirement age so I have another 10yrs to look at…..Ah well I enjoyed the 18mths I had off while trying different things.
      Didn’t succeed as yet but that is life.

    • Kay Eller, you are absolutely correct. Ludicrous, is the word that encapsulates the whole political scene. They think nothing of rorting the system, taking gifts, junkets overseas living away from “home ” allowances, often in units they or their spouse owns. Yes, ludicrous, sums it up pretty well.

    • Also what I objected to is the$90,000.00 she spent overseas as if it was a endless flow of money, in a time the government is blaming so called bludgers and dole bludgers to appease the red necks who haven’t realised yet that its them that Hockey wants to hit most.

  8. Every day we hear if politicians doing this, they all use our money for their benefit. After Bronwyn it will be someone else.

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