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Overnight new polling has revealed both the opposition leader and the Prime Minister have both suffered big hits to their personal approval rates.

Bill Shorten now has the lowest approval rating and highest disapproval rating since taking leadership of the Labor Party. This comes as the former Australian Workers Union boss faces the royal commission into trade union corruption later this week. The opposition leader now finds himself in a tenuous position.

Mr Shorten’s personal ratings have not affected the position of the Labor party however, which has retained a six percentage point lead over the Coalition.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s popularity is down four percentage points since June to 36 per cent, while his disapproval rating has risen five percentage points to 59 per cent.

When disapproval ratings are taken into account, this means the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows both the Prime Minister and opposition leader are in negative approvals: Mr Abbott on minus 23 per cent and Mr Shorten on minus 20.

And this makes you wonder what’s next?

For one thing, an early election is now highly unlikely.

On the Coalition front, some work needs to be done following the Government’s tough stance on marriage equality, which has likely affected approval ratings.

And there is speculation Mr Shorten’s political career could experience “death by a thousand cuts” as his popularity slowly bleeds away within and outside the party.

Tell us, what do our politicians need to do to regain your trust? 

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  1. I am not to concerned with Shortens ratings, with this Union witch hunt going on, it was bound to drop, but the ALP would still win an election if it was called today. Abbott has never had good approval ratings. At the end of the day people will vote on performance and the Liberal Party has done nothing but lie and break promises

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    • if the labor party didn’t lie to them about how much debt were in maybe Abbot would have made different promises.

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      • The so-called ‘debt’ left by Labor was one of initial Abbott’s lies. He has been lying since before he was elected and the trend continues.The fact is he doesn’t know how to tell the truth about anything. It’s compulsive.

    • no excuse Cheryl Siddon, then for Abbott to deny that he had broken any promises was the icing on the cake for many

    • They knew before they got into Government what they were going to do, Hockey was in GB sprouting about pensions and welfare before they even got into Government, they lied to get office

  2. Ever since being elected the Liberals have done badly in the polls, they had no honeymoon period like they all get when they are first elected.. To many lies have been told for them to gain ground again

  3. I don’t vote for the leader I would vote for the party and my local MP, I have no doubt the ALP will win the next election

  4. if there was an election today the ALP would win. Shorten is still in front of Abbott… This translates to a swing of 6.5% since the 2013 Fed Election – and the LOSS of 27 -29 seats, AS WELL AS government, for the Coalition.
    Btw, Shorten (43%) is ahead of Abbott (39%) as preferred PM.

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    • Who in their right mind would want Shorten or for that matter any of them None of them are worth a amount of cocky shit

  5. Both sides of politics is financed by big corporate donors, both sides are compromised. The liberal party is run by middle aged white men who are so out of touch with everyday Australians on so many issues … From same sex marriage to climate change…they don’t have a clue and their desire to impose their narrow views on all of us makes me sick, labour now stands for nothing. Both parties refused to have ICAC involved in federal politics….I wonder why??

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    • Yes, they do just like USA we need to stop copying USA governing and look towards Denmark The Netherlands Sweden and learn why those countries have less violence, unemployment, and better living and health care conditions for all.

    • christine miller they do with the aid of huge taxes .how would a govt go here if they raised out taxes A LOT ..ALSO THESE COUNTRIES ARE TINY . NOT LIKE AUSTRALIA .NO DELIVERING WELFARE IN THE SIMSON DESERT THERE .

    • This is the problem you are to focused on the non issues like climate change (myth) and gay marriage, instead of actually being focused on the real issues of employment, business and actually building roads for the next century and not for tomorrow, and as for the Netherlands and all those small countries it takes less than a couple of hours to drive around them unlike us where it takes up to a week from one side to the other

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      • Spot on Gary Hinton. When we start focussing on the real issues and what is best for future of our country instead of on personal ‘what’s in it for me’ issues, then we might have a chance of having a lifestyle similar to those European and Scandanavian countries mentioned. We need to withdraw from all the United Nations treaties too as they are bleeding us dry and suffocating us with political correctness disease.

  6. These leaders will never gain my trust
    Neither Abbott , shorten ,
    Morrison, Bishop , hockey
    Worst leaders in my memory ( including of course Rudd and Gillard)

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    • Let’s just concentrate on the worst Govt this country has ever had shall we. Because they are driving the Bus that is headed for the cliff! While all they worry about is trying to bring down our public broadcaster with lies and inuendo. That should show you how shallow conservatives are. And how Fascism is blooming in this country. Nothing is being achieved.

    • Barnaby Joyce called the abc fascists in that interview with Barry Cassidy on the insiders. Cheeky.

  7. All tarred with the same brush!! In opposition they say one thing, then do otherwise when in power.!!!

  8. I fear my generation have lost the battle, I for one didnt realise how much corruption was going on in the government until i got into the public service in 1980. I lasted 5 years until my being honest cost me my job. I fear for my kids in the future.

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