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As you read this, are you laying in bed with your unmarried partner? If you are, you’re part of a growing group of baby boomers. And if you’re reading it with your married partner, that too is more common today than when our parents were raising us.

According to a US Census survey called A Gray Revolution in Living Arrangement, older adults have experienced the biggest gains in living with a spouse, married or unmarried. Why? Older women’s husbands are living longer. Yep, men, on average, are living 10 years longer than they did 50 years ago, thus explaining why us boomers are the only age group to see a rise in living with a partner.

Not surprisingly, male respondents living with a partner is much more common among older men because older women are more likely to be widowed.

75 per cent of older men live with a spouse, but only 50 per cent of women 65 and older, and 1/3 of women 75 and older can say the same. And once widowed, older women are also more likely to remain unmarried.

We’re becoming more independent too – 50 years ago, we would be more likely to be in the care of a relative if we were 65 or older, but now we are gaining more independence as we age, leading to a much better quality of life. Living alone has now replaced living with other relatives as the most common arrangement for women 75 and older; today almost half of these women live alone.

A big rise in numbers has been contributed to a growing trend of seniors cohabiting with a romantic de facto partner. In fact, the amount of unmarried partners has increased four times that of 1967’s numbers, though with that said, baby boomers are more likely than prior generations to be never married or divorced as they enter older adulthood.


Tell us, what is your living arrangement? Do you have a partner, and are you married or unmarried?


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  1. Do women live alone out of desire or because families no longer want ti help people who have cared for them all their lives?

    1 REPLY
    • In my case – definitely out of desire!

  2. I am happy on my own, I don’t need a man I can out the garbage and mow the lawns myself and I don’t have to fight over the remote..its mine 🙂

    2 REPLY
    • Libbi agree I lost my Husband in 2011 took a bit of getting use to being on my own after 49 years of happy marriage but as I tell everyone I am not washing anyone else jocks and soxs am happy doing my own thing yes mow the lawns chop my wood and do the garden and have got a great bunch of friends.

  3. No. I am laying in bed though! Just too cosy to move.
    I live alone and love it more than any other lifestyle I have experienced.
    Yes. I shocked my mother more times than I would admit to.
    Sometimes it felt that if it shocked her, I must be doing something right!
    Poor old Mum wasn’t easily pleased.x

  4. After 45 years, we now have separate rooms with visiting rights,. We both sleep better for it and play our iPads in peace. I love my own space and so does he. No dramas.

    4 REPLY
    • So you have sleep overs or sleep walk when the occasion arises lol. Love that arrangement. My husband almost has a heart attack when I suggest I will move out ….. Of the bedroom….

    • My husband was so distressed when I mentioned separate beds (I have Sleep Apnoea) I thought he was going to cry. So that’s not happening.

  5. I always attracted the wrong partners. Been on my own now for 14 years and loving it. When I get lonely I visit friends but love living on my own with my dog and cat.

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