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First came the allergies hysteria, now comes… the great sugar ban. While we certainly don’t advocate kids eating red cordial and chocolate biscuits for breakky, we do wonder if this latest ban isn’t going too far.

A childcare centre in Sydney has banned birthday cakes to stop the kids from eating too much sugar and also to make sure any kids with allergies don’t feel left out.

The Only About Children (OAC) early childhood centre in Surry Hills banned birthday cakes after some parents complained their children were eating too much sugar because of the number of birthdays celebrated each week. Seventy-three children attend the centre.

A representative from OAC told the Sydney Morning Herald, “Birthday cakes exceed the nutritional guide for early childhood and some children were left out of birthday celebrations because of their allergies.”

Other parents of the centre, however, are reportedly not happy about the ban, and would like to see other measures put in place, such as serving smaller slices and replacing afternoon tea, rather than adding the cake to the food the kids eat that day.

One parent told The Age: “The birthday cake is a tradition, it’s a coming together over something pleasant and enjoyable. It’s those little moments of fun that make it a very important social event for the kids.”

OAC has provided some alternative ideas for parents to help their little ones celebrate their birthday, including “making a crown to wear on the day, whizzing up healthy fruit smoothies with their classmates or choosing which activities to do.”, reports the Daily Mail.

The centre director said, “Children’s birthdays are exciting milestones and are important to recognise and celebrate at the campus. But in doing so there are many aspects we might like to consider, including family culture and preferences, health and nutrition, equality amongst the children and a sense of fun.

“With this in mind we have made the decision to stop the bringing of birthday cakes on children’s birthdays to campus.”

According to a booklet released by the Australian Government on running a health childcare centre, birthday cakes represent another risk to children: “‘One of the ways of minimising the spread of droplet infection [from blowing out candles], is to encourage parents to provide individual cupcakes with a single candle on the birthday child’s cake.”

What do you think of this ban on birthday cakes? 

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  1. Most kids cakes are totally over-loaded with sugar and food colouring which is not good

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    • Gee I’m glad I wasn’t born to this. I really enjoyed my birthday cakes and treats. Still do! Poor kids today don’t know what they are missing! May as well ban everything that’s fun! Eat dessert first!

    • I’ve seen this crappy thinking spoil fun in the nursing home where I worked. No cakes unless cooked on the premises, no putting up how old the birthday person was, no photos displayed, no birthday song. But at least they had lived a life full of these things. Don’t take it away from our kids. Life is too short snd should be filled with joy.

    • Good grief. No wonder kids don’t know how to be kids anymore. You might as well wrap them up in bubble wrap.

    • No one is suggesting the kids eat cake all day every day and nothing else for gods sake they are little for so few years, let them have some fun. If you bring them up having a little bit of everything and a treat like a piece of birthday cake, they will be fine. Lets start saying adults can’t have their special birthday dinners, glasses of wine and the restaurant or wherever simply says happy birthday. You are dead for a long time. As for spit on top of the birthday cake, we all are alive to prove a little spit and bit of wax doesn’t kill you.

  2. On reading that all I can say is it is wonder we are not all dead !! Having a Birthday party never killed us. Generations of children have enjoyed and celebrated their Birthday with a Birthday Party. We are becoming to precious today, let children enjoy being children

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    • Have the party but keep the sugar down. We are surrounded by sugar rich foods these days – much more so than when I was young. Fruit juices are my pet hate as some of them are really high in sugar.

    • Robert I can understand what your saying about sugar but why do they need to serve them sugar filled food, kids love spaghetti, instead of cupcakes why not a small serve of spaghetti bolognaise ? Instead of sugary drinks why not a glass of milk but don’t cut out their parties all together, it is taking away the fun and wonder of being a child

    • Most parents today work Margaret Horn and these are little children to young to attend Kindergarten, they are all together playing so why not have a little party for them at the child care center? We are talking about very young children, not teenagers !!

    • If that is the case Margaret Horn we should ban Easter, look at all the choclolate children eat then and Christmas, it is another time where children are eating sugar

    • Exactly. A few little sandwiches, some fruit . Veggie dip and a cake. Face it, they’ll probably not touch food anyway! We survived chocolate crackles, fairy bread , ice cream, cake etc etc etc!

  3. Oh, just stick to lettuce leaves and carrot sticks – and make sure they’re organic. Kill us all now before we might enjoy ourselves with food.

  4. How on earth did I get to be a healthy nearly 70. We ate cake, blew out the candles and celebrated each other’s milestones. Some kids even ate the candles.

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    • I too am 70 & there were no childcare, preschools, daycare’s back then. When my 4 kids went to preschool, no cakes etc. noticed cakes came into preschools etc with my 13 grandchildren. Singing Happy Birthday is enough.

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