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She’s done it again folks!  That’s right.  Our very own Bindi Irwin has stolen everyone’s hearts with the Argentine Tango, dressed as an evil vampire queen and it is too good too miss.  Just like her dad, Bindi is earning her stripes as a terrific performer on the show.  She and Derek Hough danced together to Cry Little Sister, from The Lost Boys, in Halloween week, unpacking her inner vampire.

She says she was focussed on being fierce not scary.

Take a look for yourself – we’re impressed. And she scored…. Another perfect 10!

Shout out the #DWTS makeup team! They are killing #HalloweenWeek!

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  1. She is such a lovely young girl , I am sure she will grow into a beautiful woman, that lovely Queensland sunshine has sure been of good benefit to her

  2. She’s a show pony, very full of herself and not attractive.

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    • James.
      If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. You’re rude.

    • I can say nice things…but not about Bindi. Did I mention that she’s a show pony, very full of herself and not attractive?

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      • know yourself first before you judge a person. just be nice and people will respect you more.

    • Do you actually know the girl ? She is a confident young lady, does that equate to being very full of herself ? She is used to being in the public eye and I for one think that she comes across as a very good role model for young people.

    • Why do people have to be so spiteful and put someone down who is doing a great job? By the way beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find that some people who could be called attractive but are spiteful are the ugliest humans. James take the point?

    • Gee there’s some Pathic people in this world what’s yr problem James she wouldn’t go out with you that’s for sure she is a lady been bought up the right way and her family comes first

    • James you are the most horrible person I have read of leave her alone she is doing no different to other dancers on this show. They say every one is entitled to their opinion but some people should keep them to them selves.

    • James Rolfe you are a nasty person to say that about a very altogether young girl. She is used to being in the public eye has been from birth thats why she looks confident in herself she’s a wonderful young woman. Nasty you!

    • Isn’t it it interesting to see all these people having a go at James Rolfe for stating his opinion. All saying he hasn’t got a right to say these things about someone he doesn’t know.
      Yet all of you thinking it’s okay to call him names and have a go at him.
      A bit like the pots calling the kettle black.
      I would suggest that a lot of you read your own nasty comments before having a go at someone else’s comments.
      I don’t like Bindi Irwin either. And yes, I have met her.

    • Ruth you got your say in too so kettle to you too have you heard of if you can’t say anything nice then keep your bloody mouth shut its not a matter of liking or disliking someone it’s an acknowledgement of achieving something most of us would not do you go BINDI doing a great job at being a human being .

    • LMAO! (Look it up or ask your grandkids). Reading this post has me rolling around on floor. Have we not got something better to do than snipe at each other?

    • Jackie Lawrence
      But I never made a personal attack on anyone. I simply stated a fact. I don’t have to like people simply because you think I should. Reread my comment and you will see that I didn’t put Bindi Irwin down. Simply said I didn’t like her. And as I have met the family I do have a right to voice a personal opinion based on first hand knowledge of the people involved. I also didn’t put down anyone else. Simply stated that people were doing to one person what they were accusing that person of doing to someone else.
      I have no alliance with James Rolfe as he has maligned me on this site on more than one occasion. So it has nothing to do with him or anyone ekse in particular.
      And you may also like to note that I do NOT lower myself to call people abusive names or tell them they don’t have a right to their opinions.

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