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Big W is not one for social media gaffes but overnight the discount retailer’s Facebook has lit up with women who have taken offence to an ad that says a vacuum is the ideal Mother’s Day present.

Big W’s latest catalogue, as well as in-store advertising, says a new Dyson vacuum is perfect for Mum for mother’s day, a move that has been labelled as sexist and wrong.

Shopper Lyndsey Regan-Evans had seen shelves full of Dyson vacuum cleaners under a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ sign in her local store, and posted it to their Facebook page with her critique.

She said she ‘loved’ her own Dyson, but didn’t want a ‘bloody cleaning appliance for Mother’s Day’.

Despite saying it was wrong, Ms Regan-Evans also said she didn't find it offensive and thought it was 'funny' 

Despite saying it was wrong, Ms Regan-Evans also said she didn’t find it offensive and thought it was ‘funny’

She said she 'loved' her own Dyson - but didn't want a cleaning appliance for Mother's Day

Ms Regan-Evans told Daily Mail Australia she found it funny because it was sexist and BIG W was oblivious as to why.

‘I’m sitting at home breast feeding after being up all night and here’s an idea for my first Mother’s Day – a bloody vacuum’ Gee what a reward.’

She said the way to decide if it was sexist or not was to see if it had featured in BIG W’s Father’s Day display.

BIG W apologised for any offence caused and said the vacuums weren't intended to be 'purposely directed as gifts for Mother's Day'

BIG W apologised for any offence caused and said the vacuums weren’t intended to be ‘purposely directed as gifts for Mother’s Day’

It also said they were featured items on offer in its catalogue, and apologised for any offence caused.

One woman wrote in response: ‘I’d love a new Dyson, I don’t find it offensive at all. Nothing better than new appliances in my opinion. Better than a robe and slippers. Even though it’s the thought that counts.’

We had a look at the Big W website and sure enough, in the Mother’s Day catalogue, there’s a page dedicated to the Dysons:
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 3.37.49 pm

Tell us, do you think appliances + mothers = sexism?

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  1. Don’t know why some folk get their knickers in a knot over such petty things. Do they throw a hissy on Father’s Day when drills, lawnmowers etc are marketed for poor old Dad?

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    • I totally agree with your comments….geez there are some funny females out there…some women like to have new gadgets for Mother’s Day.

  2. Wouldn’t be the first Mother’s Day present that sucks!

  3. OMG , I am so happy I lived most of my life happily with out all the crap that goes on today ,mostly people that are insecure.

  4. I remember when I was a teenager and my mum would have loved a mix master ( kitchen appliance) and I couldn’t afford to buy her one and I so dearly would have loved to get her one. She was happy with her flowers and card , and mum still gets flowers and a card every year. How things have changed Mum is 87 now.

  5. As a male I would NEVER give my Wife or Mother an appliance. Really I am more concerned with bigger things, like the bombing of Children and Hospitals in the Middle East., and the plight of Genuine Refugees. If you are going to let a Dyson advert rule your day, I feel very sorry for you. Far more serious things in the world you need to try worrying about instead.

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    • There are hundreds of serious things to worry about in the world and sexism and female inequality is just one of them.

  6. Why are high end presents advertised these days ? I’m sure most mums would prefer a hand made card and something small. Items advertised for $200 – $300 to me are targeting dads to buy for the kids to give to mum, so all meaning is lost. Just my opinion.

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