Best and worst ways to heat your home

There’s growing concern about energy prices in Australia, but unfortunately, using heaters (in winter) and coolers (in summer) is inescapable.Reducing the

There’s growing concern about energy prices in Australia, but unfortunately, using heaters (in winter) and coolers (in summer) is inescapable.Reducing the amount of heat loss in your home can help the environment, and it can save you money. Here are 5 of the best and worst ways to keep your home heated during the cold months, efficiently and effectively.

Best ways:

  1. Use thick curtains – Thick curtains save the heat from escaping, and curtains with a thermal lining are a relatively cheap option as well. An easy DIY method to line curtains is to line them with cheap fleece.
  2. Let sunlight in – This is the most natural and free source of heat available at our disposal, so making sure to keep curtains and shades pulled back during the day is important. It’s also key to remember to draw them closed as soon as dusk falls, to seal in the heat.
  3. Clear radiators – Try and avoid placing large pieces of furniture in front of them. At least in the short-term, the sofa you love by the radiator is absorbing heat. Also, do not place clothes or similar items on the radiator or around it.
  4. Use energy efficient heating devices – While on the topic of radiators, the devices you use come with an energy efficiency rating. Even if you can’t afford an expensive unit, a lot of the inexpensive options have a good energy rating – you just need to pay attention and seek out which ones.
  5. Use blankets – Layering your clothes, and cuddling up under layers of blankets is an effective and cheap way to stay warm. If you have someone to cuddle with, even better! You can even use blankets to hang over a doorway, because this will act like a curtain, and this will keep the warmth sealed in.

Worst ways:

  1. Not insulating your roof – Hot air rises, and unfortunately a good bit of your heating escapes through the roof. Forgetting to add a layer of insulation is one of the worst mistakes to make.
  2. Forgetting to insulate windows – Up to 20 percent of home’s heat loss can be accounted for by poorly insulated windows. Double-glazed windows are the best way to insulate, as the air between the panes will act as an insulation.
  3. Not sealing doors – Drafty doors and entrances could account for 15-30 percent of a home’s total heating costs, and just remembering to close a door, or placing weather-stripping over gaps can cut down on costs, and heating loss.
  4. Insulate your walls – Your walls comprise most of the outer surface area of your home, and if they’re not made of a material with a higher insulating value, heating loss and costs can soar.
  5. Bare floorboards are not good – Floors account for as much as 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated. Wooden floors are the worst in winters, and the best way to deal with this is to add rugs to the floor space. This can also help raise the ambience of the room.

Do you have any suggestions regarding tips to add or mistakes to avoid to keep the warmth in?

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