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It seemed to me, that having a family would be so simple.

After all my parents had done it, your parents had done it, how hard could it be?

It seemed to start off with nine months of, fearing the worst, and hoping for the best, until you hold them in your arms.

When a baby is learning to crawl, you hear a cry, fearing the worst and hoping for the best, you rush through the house hoping not to see black eyes and skint knees.

The first days at school, the endless time of waiting for the phone to ring, and when it does you rushed to it.
Fearing the worst and hoping for the best.

And as they grow in size and stature, straight and strong.
You drop them off at the high school gate, then after school that long wait.
In the sea of faces you cannot see, the ones that are so dear to thee.
Has something happened to him, or has he just been kept in.
See you have done it again, fearing the worst and hoping for the best.

Graduation, finals and proms. What to wear, and how to get there?
Dressed so well and a kiss good bye, looks so wonderful you almost cry.
The show is over before midnight, but he is still not home and it’s almost light.
Fearing the worst and hoping for the best, you pull the pillow to your chest.

And now your son into a man has grown, and off to university on his own.
A passing hug as you say good bye, with a lumpy throat and tears in your eyes.
We have spent years, teaching them right from wrong, to make a character fine and strong.
But, when you haven’t heard from them, for a few days.
Fearing the worst and hoping for the best, it seems here to stay.

And then far too soon are they married and gone, a long long way from home.
You call when you can but still in your mind when you hang up the phone.
You fear the worst and hope for the best, as they put their love and life to the test.

But now with grandchildren to fill your time, and the cycle begins again.
You fear the worst and hope for the best, as they stretch their little wings.

I think this ‘Fearing the worst, and hoping for the best,’ it will never end.


Do you agree with this poem? Do you have fear still for your children? Tell us below.

David Perrott

David like many others of the time left school at 15 to get a job, to live, he was never very good at school anyway. After a struggle, his diverse career took him to many places, from Melbourne to Mt Isa, from Triabunna in Tasmania to Townsville, and many places in between. He is an internationally published author, but now he finds himself over 60, and contending with some hugely changed and challenging circumstances, that were inconceivable 5 years ago. He has recently published a coffee table book filled with stories and photos which can be purchased via his website

  1. The poem is soo true. Hard work being a parent but what a wonderful reward when you become a grandparent. Having the time of my life.

  2. I used to fear! I used to worry! I can remember the first time the first born had wheels under him,not being able to sleep. I elbowed hubby and told him I thought it was very unfair that I was the only one sitting up worrying. In his usual calm fashion he said ” now where and what exactly is that worrying achieving?” Of course I had no good answer, and from then onwards I really try hard not to worry, but I just bathe the situation in so much love and light and leave it in the hands of the Divine.

  3. My mother god love her always -.said that you family never gets smaller it just keeps growing ……in laws gandkids grandkid in laws great grand kids and on it goes. How right she was snd each stage has a joy all its own.

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