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Becoming a lollipop lady changed my life. As strange as that sounds, my 5-day-a-week job patrolling a children’s crossing has given me more fulfilment than I could have ever imagined.

In 2008, a tragic accident happened in my family. My 7-year-old granddaughter was killed in a car accident alongside her uncle (who survived) in Sydney. It sent shockwaves through our family and it is still so raw to me today, 6 years on. She was the most beautiful girl and I’m not just saying that, but she really did bring me the greatest happiness and fulfilment. I would take her out for trips with her sisters and they will be some of my most cherished memories. I felt numb for so long – how could life be so cruel?

Once afternoon in 2011, I was having my usual coffee and cake with my friend Hilda when she started to tell me about a mother and daughter at her local school. Hilda was a lollipop lady and had a great time talking and learning about the locals. Some of the stories brought tears to my eyes, but it was then I had the lightbulb moment. I wanted to work as a lollipop lady.

That was 3 years ago and I can honestly say that my zest for life has been restored. Seeing the happy kiddies crossing every morning has made me feel like I have a purpose and that my granddaughter is looking down on me. I almost feel as if I am a barrier between the car and the kids, lest a manic driver plough through us. I feel like I’m doing my part and giving back, almost as a middle finger to the terrible accident that claimed my grandchild’s life. Why be better when you can give back?

I protect the kids and love the stories they share with me. I miss my granddaughter every day but having a week filled with those smiling faces makes it all worthwhile. There’s a little girl with ichthyosis (itchy red skin disease) who waves at me every day and her mum stops to talk. One time she even thanked me for not treating little Chloe any differently. Of course I wouldn’t, I smiled, she is like a granddaughter to me.


Are you or were you a lollipop lady or man? What do you love about the job? Tell us below.

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for your story. Your little Granddaughter was obviously an Angel on earth. She will be happy that you are now happy. Your job is so important.

  2. Lollipop persons do such an important job protecting the little ones. As a grandmother dropping and picking up from school I too enjoy the chats with our protectors of the children, their happy greetings is such a great start to the day as well as their safety. To have lost such a beautiful little girl and to give back as you are doing is beautiful that’s why your little granddaughter is beside you each day helping to protect other little people. Thank you for sharing this story

  3. Good for you. But I’m curious. Did you receive any training? Last school crossing guard I came across had caused a hundred metre tail back in the street and round the corner on the busy main road, and was allowing kids to run across the road. Cars were being permitted to go through one at a time at long intervals. Cross drivers and undisciplined kids weren’t a good combination.

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    • Angela every school crossing superviser should be trained in all the road rules and how to man a xing.. one is u don’t keep cars stopped for a long length of time… and to be very honest u should have rang the council and put in a complaint as they are not to do this… sorry to say.. some ppl get a uniform.. and the stop sign and they think they are God and think they can do what they please well I got news for them… they aren’t God and they MUST obey rules like everyone else.. at the certain council I worked for I used to teach the new crossing ppl … we had a mock crossing and they all had to do this crossing.. then I would take some (and the other female also took some) to a xing and showed them then it was their turn … if they didn’t do it properly they were back with me the next day,,. until I thought they could handle a school crossing without me supervising them.. but I was there to watch them I told them I would be watching … and I was … I know someone who really thinks he can do what he pleases and only walks onto the road 2 steps blows his whistle as he is walking onto the road and has crossed a lady without flags which is illegal… he told me to mind my own business

  4. Thanks for looking after our grandkids, my granddaughter while crossing was pulled back as a car went through, just missing them. So yes the do a much valued and a great job.

  5. Your granddaughter would be very proud of you looking after the other children. She must be an angel on your shoulder as well as in your heart. Enjoy your day. Xx

  6. Our lollipop lady is a very caring and chatty lady always nice to see her thanks to all our lollipop lady’s and gents

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