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Two gorgeous baby turtles have an incredible tale of survival, and have offered us a rare close look at the shy river-dweller.

Their mother, a river turtle from around Boonah in Queensland, was tragically hit by a car and died. However, eggs were discovered inside her and kept alive by a dedicated team of humans.

Seven weeks later, these little guys hatched (pictured below). They are doing well and we think their photographs are simply adorable!

This comes just weeks after an extremely rare albino turtle hatched on the Sunshine Coast. Despite the odds, this little ocean turtle made it safely into the surf to begin his life!

He was pink, white and wildlife experts say they’ve seen nothing like him before (pictured below).

Aren’t these photographs heart-warming? How can we do more to protect Australian wildlife? If you’d like to, click “Share” to show this story to your friends!

These turtles have an amazing story! Their mother, a river turtle, was hit by a car near Boonah and tragically died….

Posted by Courier Mail on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Remember the last time you saw an albino turtle? No? Well, that's because they're extremely rare with only one in…

Posted by The Advertiser on Monday, February 8, 2016

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  1. We have to fight to keep our Natural Wonder,our Magnificent Great Barrier Reef safe from the mining giants polluting it. So much incredible life in those ocean deeps,depend on a pollution free existence. May these little guys have that chance.

  2. I only wish people would keep away from these turtles when they are hatching. Let nature look after itself. All these do Goodes are interfering with nature.

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