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They’re Australia’s oldest couple and they’ve just made a big move! Most of us move around a number of times in our lives, but not Tom and Jean Cheetham, 103 and 100 respectively, who are only now moving out of their first home they bought together.

The home in Sydney’s Mosman is set to be auctioned today and is expected to fetch around $1.4 million – a huge windfall considering it was purchased 76 years ago for £3000.


Tom and Jean moved into their first and only home in 1938 and moved out two months ago to live in an assisted community. The house itself remained barely unchanged, and is still neat as a pin with its original kitchen.


As for their long success as a couple, Tom said that his wife keeps him company and “I don’t think people stick at marriage any more”. We hope their home sells to a wonderful buyer and they can still be able to see their old home.

Have you ever lived in a home for an extended amount of time i.e. 30, 40, 50 years? Tell us about it below.

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  1. Now they are an example to us all, they have weathered the good and the bad times and stayed lovely

  2. Have lived in this house 52 years almost 53.

  3. What an amazing couple. Good luck in your new home. Hope you have an amazing time there together. God bless you both.

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