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News this morning has revealed the Australian government’s plan to sell the right to immigrate to Australia – with migrants no longer accepted based on their skills or family connections – under radical new proposals.

A new price-based immigration system would essentially mean that immigrants would pay an entry fee, with the potential to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Unions and business groups are now up in arms and saying that Australia’s current immigration policy, that accepts based on workers’ skills and connections, should not be changed. We have skill shortages that can often be filled by migrants.

According to The Age, ethnic community groups say they would oppose any moves that would prevent poorer immigrants from re-uniting with their families.

In a Productivity Commission issued paper released on Friday about Australia’s migrant intake, they proposed including introducing an immigration lottery and creating a HECS-style payment system for immigrants to pay back their entry fee. Refugees would not have to pay the fee at all.

Our migrant program currently issues permanent residency visas to three streams of migrants: those with particular skills, those with families in Australia, and others who meet special eligibility criteria.

A new “immigration fee” would be a set price, with the size of the intake dictated by demand; or setting a cap on the intake and allowing demand to dictate the price of entry.

The proposed system is very Americanised, as in the US, the immigration program is less skills-focussed, using a “diversity lottery” to allocate up to 50,000 places a year to applicants from countries with low rates of immigration to the US.

So how much does it cost to live in Australia? According to Senator David Leyonhjelm, $50,000 is a possible amount.

“This would make a substantial financial contribution to the Australian budget and I hope that would lead to lower taxes,” he told Fairfax.

“The government is keen to see the Productivity Commission analyse these issues thoroughly”.

But Australian Council of Trade Unions President Ged Kearney is worried: “We are concerned the Productivity Commission’s inquiry is focused on allowing only those rich enough to migrate regardless of fulfilling the current requirements, including filling skills shortages”.

A public hearing will be held after the Productivity Commission release a draft report in November, before the final report is handed over to government next March.


Tell us below: Should those wanting to live and work in Australia pay a fee? Is this fair? 

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  1. It’s been going on for years now, with previous applicants having to buy a Business @ $2m plus employing 3 or more people, along with Lesser Priced Businesses[Leasehold or Freehold] in remote towns , with the Vendors having to guarantee ,that the purchasers will earn $x amount per week for the 2 years after purchase, to satisfy the criteria.
    Usually , one of the slicker private immigration officer’s ,signs off on the Immigration form advising this , with the Immigration Dept appearing to not bother checking , in the quest for allowing more people into Australia.
    Also, the Immigration Dept & the Politicians here, doesn’t respond or ADVISE , what is BEING DONE ON ANYTHING REPORTED , which then leads the writer to the belief, that there is one rule for one and another for some.

    The immigration dept and the Pollies don’t want to know about

  2. Mirants used to come here for 10 pounds .theyveere refered to as ten pound poms or ten pounders.
    The majority of them became model citzens .
    many of them worked on the Snowy scheme .one of our greatest acheivements. They maried rIsed their families and helped make this country great.
    $50000 will swell the government coffers but the ordinary working man who could build this country wont be able to afford that .But criminals will have no problem buying their way in using proceeds of crime .

    2 REPLY
    • The Poms and others who came here and worked were an asset. I would be terrified of having people over, even if they can pay. We are already having enough trouble with undesirables here can you imagine what some of the more corrupt types would do? It wouldn’t be Australia any more.

    • WtSo true Greg.. This policy is fraught with danger and those who pay the $50k will soon make their money back in Social Security.
      This is horrifying … No skills except a slick system which can quickly guarantee the wrong type of immigrants…

  3. They already pay when they apply for residents visa. I don’t know how much it is now but about 15 years ago I was talking to a young tradesman doing some work for me. He was English and had only recently settled here. He was telling me that he had to pay $3000 (I think it was, could have been 3000 pounds) along with his application and that if it was denied, he wouldn’t have gotten the money back.

  4. nothing wrong with paying for something you want but can’t get for nothing ……but maybe just 30% of the total migrants to begin with………………………We came here 35 years ago….I had no trade but enough cash to buy a house and car outright in the suburbs…..never relied on welfare….never looked back…….if you invest all you have in a project you work harder to keep it safe rather than easy comeby handouts you have no value in.

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    • You were lucky to have the cash to invest. A lot of migrants don’t have anything but the clothes on their backs.

  5. There was another of these schemes years ago where they had to have so much capital. It didn’t take long before the same lump of capital was passed around like a football.
    It’s committed patriotic skills that make us rich, progressive & innovative, without that, capital’s value is abused & wasted.

  6. I bet people are sorry they voted this inept and criminal party to govern.Why not sell the whole bloody country.I have never heard anything so ridiculous as letting people buy their way into a country.

  7. I came here and 20 years ago and the fee was $5000. I had married an Australian and he had to pay the fee or I would not be allowed in. So what’s new?

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