Australia shivers as Antarctic Vortex sweeps across nation 340



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Today might be a day for staying in bed! The cold blast from the south is being felt across most of Australia today with towns as far north as Glen Innes being warned there could be snow.

Temperatures are expected to drop between three to seven degrees below average and there have been lightening storms in Sydney, wild winds in south-east Queensland plus heavy rain in eastern Victoria and southeastern NSW.

Even Cairns could experience some frost over night, according to reports from Fairfax.

The cause of the frosty winds and icy temperatures is a strong Antarctic cold front, which is expected to last until Friday.

The cold snap is great news for our ski resorts, with 35cm of snow expected across the NSW and Victorian alps, falling as low as 600 metres.

The Blue Mountains west of Sydney could also see 1-2cm of snow this weekend, while parts of southern Queensland could even see sleet thanks to a seven degree drop in temperatures across Saturday and Sunday.

Emergency departments are asking people to take extra precautions as we wait this one out. This includes staying in as much as possible, wrapping up warm and heating your home.

They also recommend avoiding unnecessary travel on wet or icy roads, and being extra vigilant with heaters and fires, following eleven incidences overnight.

What’s the weather like where you are? tell us what you woke up to this morning!

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  1. A big thunderstorm and hail in Canberra overnight. Top of 6 today.

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    • The coldest place I’ve ever been was in Canberra mid April 1982.The tour guide (you drove your own car but followed the guide car) said as we looked down over Canberra at a dazzling array of colour that we were lucky because all the leaves would fall within a week. Well they did. The next day. I’m so pleased we saw total autumn foliage for the first and so far the last time in our lives.

  2. We’re shivering in New Zealand as well – frosts in the winterless north this morning…and snow in Gisborne

  3. FYI Paul Coffey noted your post yesterday and this cold front has sure caught us by surprise. Heater on and I was still freezing last night. I think the only clothes I have to cope with the cold weather are my ski gear! And not sure I would go shopping in Adelaide in the jacket and pants. In fact Sarah Driscoll’s friend,Kristy Ward

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