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As news comes that Woolworths’ CEO Grant O’Brien is stepping down after lower profits in the last quarter, the supermarket chain has been hit with another blow: its shoppers are now going elsewhere.

According to Fairfax, Mr O’Brien said he took full responsibility for Woolworths’ lacklustre performance and said,

“I’m coming into my fifth year. I never planned to be around for a further three to five years. It’s critical for the company that they have a CEO who will be here for the duration of the execution of those plans. That’s not me”.

It now seems that the company’s falling performance has been felt within shops, as more and more people find Coles and Aldi to be of better value. In recent weeks, an issue with Woolworths’ online ordering system has further driven customers away, as well as fewer ‘specials’.

Retail experts believe that competition is becoming too strong and Woolies is falling by the wayside.

Senior marketing lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, Gary Mortimer, told SMH Woolworths was having a tough time following the Anzac Day debacle.

“I suspect what’s happened is strategic inertia. The Woolworths business has become so big, so large that its very difficult to remain agile, to be able to move and shift your brand and range and price,” he said.

“They have now played for the last few years a catch-up game waiting for Coles to make a move and then replicating it. That’s not a very good long-term strategy”.

It seems to be coming down to price for many shoppers, and reliability. Consumer group CHOICE knows this – 75 per cent of us want value for money when we shop and evidently not just ‘cheap cheap’ plastered over walls.


So we want to know today, have you been switching from Woolworths to Coles, Aldi, IGA or other? Why?

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  1. No I’m not, I’ve shopped woolies my whole life. There are things that annoy me however I find the other supermarkets I’ve been to with friends doing their shopping dirty and smelly. I’m very particular about cleanliness. I’ve heard them say to me just ask and we will clean up. Its my job to shop not instruct staff on their duties.

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    • I thought that I was alone in complaining about the smell. I sometimes shop at Caringbah NSW if I’m going past and its therefore convenient, but at times the smell of old boiled chicken makes me gag. It’s not like that every time, but sometimes my husband remarks on it too. I cannot say the store looks dirty, but the smell is often quite off putting. Prices don’t seem too much different to Coles where I do most of my shopping

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      • barbara, Julie was saying that other stores are dirty and smelly.

        I cant really agree that the coles I shop is dirty, as it is not. Their prices are cheaper, most 10 to 20% BUT they do not have a huge range. Don’t know why they dont carry variety here (coles that is) but their meat is also often better than the local butcher.

        I was impressed just recently as the coles store has employed a team of cleaners and trolley collectors. it certainly is a lot more convenient now at the store

    • I’m talking about Coles being stinky, woolies is where I shop. I have the means to shop anywhere I wish. Specials are not a worry although who doesn’t like a bargain.

    • I asked the girl where is the Dick Smiths products ?? she said we have been told to remove them from the shelfs I said so ur bosses are promoting halhal crap?? she said I know what ur talking about I don’t like it either I just work here and do as I am told?…

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      • Cheryl,
        I still purchase Dick Smith tomato sauce from Woolworths in Hornsby. It has definitely not been taken off the shelf.

    • I find some of the meat to expensive are the fruit and vegs they used to have bags of fruit/or vegs for $3 not anymore its gone up.. and half of its is rotten

  2. Yes Have ripped us off for year’s Made big profit’s Now they have competition prices are going down and staying down so they lay off staff and it will harder to get help in store I shop with Aldi now and travel 70k’s to do it and still save My second preference is IGA they at least put back into the local community Sorry woolies you have lost me

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    • Aldi is a multinational company and so is Woolworths. Both make profits for the organisation and are responsible to overseas headquarters. My nearest Aldi is over 120 kilometres round trip or I would be there like a shot.

    • That business of prices staying down is cods walop. The Canola Oil was $17 and was put down to their ‘staying down’ price of $13. I went to buy some last last week and it’s now up to $19. They are not to be trusted inn any department.

    • trouble with Aldi’s Fruit and Veg, is, you have to buy in bulk packets to save. So I go back to woolies for what I can’t get in Aldi. And Aldi charge a fee for using my card, Woolies don’t

  3. No, their stores are big n bright, but their prices have been so high, we can see that now with them having competition, seems like the only way to stop their greed.!!

  4. I go to Woolworths for their organic fruit and veges.

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  5. We have a local Woolies store 7 minute walk from our door. Was our first port of call for all shopping, loved the store, prices, choice and staff then it was transformed into a new super store, only two human checkout tills available, no staff to help you, one bored staff member to man the self serve checkouts, no deli counter, no butchery. Pre packed meats in amounts no body wants to buy. Customers are rejecting this store by the dozen, profits are way down and the only thing increasing is the amount of stock missing through shoplifting so I hear. Now drive 15 minutes to another supermarket who provide real human service and provide jobs for real human people. CEO shouldn’t stand down, he should be sacked for allowing a profitable, much loved Aussie company go down the gurgler.

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    • Agree, also re goods being sold in quantities of more than 1 – if I need one red capsicum thats all I want to buy, not a 3 pack of red green and yellow in a mesh bag.

    • I never use ANY self-service counters in any supermarkets! Will queue in line @ a check-out counter, just to try saving even 1 check-out operator’s job! But, if the price is right, for an “Australian-made” product, then for sure that’s what I’ll purchase. I’ve tried IGA, but most products are made overseas, though cheaper, so it’s back to Woolworths or Coles.

    • Have done all my shopping at Woolies since the passing of my late husband who use to go here there and everywhere can’t be bothered find the store clean helpful and always use the checkout counters yes meat comes prepacked but what I do is buy a pack break it up when I get home and freeze it not hard to do haven’t had any problems at all so will keep shopping there.

    • Aussie company?….are you sure that’s correct, I was always under the assumption that it was owned by the Americans or somewhere else. So the CEO is fleeing the sinking ship, a usual thing, probably go into another highly and overpaid position somewhere else.

    • Yes i agree totally with you jude Turner .When they first started the self serve check outs , here we go later on down the track jobs will go . I will not use them either people need to stop and think about our childrens future and show some patience .

    • Butchers for me hate that pre packed vacuum meat .It use to be done in their meat rooms not only got rid of meat packers also their butchers how dum is that .Shelves always half empty and dirty especially the meat areas . Fruit and vegi shops for me . IGA offer more choice and more Australian brands .

    • And you never know if it had been frozen. My niece bought a packet of meat for her dinner only to find that it was frozen in the middle. Since then always buy from local butchers

    • We are elderly couple who shop at Woolworths ,but find them so expensive, & these Damn self pay machines, not for us, need humans to talk to, I refuse to use machines, Where is the Human touch gone ,come on Woolworths give us back what we are used to decent prices & proper service,

    • I love self service….hate waiting in queues n I pack my bags better than any checkout person, much quicker by far….wish they had them in all stores

    • Using the self help checkout only encourages them to cut down on more staff. 1,200 jobs to be shed and this is partially due to this self service department. One wonders how much money they are losing with people not pressing in the right thing. I live in New Norfolk in Tasmania where we have had a Woolworths store for years. This is a country town which has a new housing estate and I suppose they thought that this store was not big enough and built a massive new store that is far bigger than any store in Hobart. It must have cost multi millions and they are doing things there that, personally ,I find rediculous. No longer is the deli a place where you can ask for so many slices of the different meats. It is now packaged in what they think people want. More than a single pensioner would require. Daily there are masses of markdowns in nhis department all adding to Woolies loses. I only shop here for the basics and do my main shopping at Coles which is a half hour trip away. The bigest mistake ever made was for them to venture into the hardware market, most likely to try and take trade away from Bunnings which belongs to the opposition, Westfarmers. If this man is responsible for these new ventures, he should step down as they have been all too venturous.

    • Always try and shop at butchers and local fruit and veg shop…recently a bulk food shop has opened in our area…love it…u can just buy the quantity required…way to go

    • Yes thats fine for you Karen for now .Still have to think about jobs for future generations cant be just about us .

  6. Older people and I suspect younger people shop where they can get quality at bargain prices, Woolworths is to expensive

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