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The Great Supermarket Wars of ’14 and ’15 have had us torn about which is the best supermarket but until now, one supermarket has hidden their secret weapon: just how loyal its customers are.

What isn’t a secret is how unhappy Woolworths’ customers are, but who came out on top? You might be surprised to find it wasn’t Aldi or Coles, but in fact it was IGA that keeps its customers coming back for more.

The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that more than three-quarters (77%) of the nation’s grocery-shoppers visit at least two different supermarkets in a month and in any given four-week period, 30 per cent of people who mainly shop at IGA only shop at IGA.

In a win for ol’ Woolies, they have taken out the silver for most loyal customers, with a quarter of their shoppers sticking with them during the month, just ahead of Coles shoppers (24%). Perhaps most surprisingly, despite even our Starts at 60 readers saying that ALDI had converted them, only 7% of ALDI shoppers exclusively shop there.

When asked how many major supermarkets they shopped at over the last four weeks, 37% of Aussie grocery-buyers reported shopping at two, 28% said three and 7% said they shopped at all four.

ALDI shoppers are much more savvy, with a whopping 47% of their shoppers visiting three total supermarkets a month to get a bargain.

Andrew Price, General Manager if Consumer Products at Roy Morgan Research, said, “Australia’s supermarket scene is incredibly competitive – and these latest findings throw another challenge into the mix. While most grocery-buyers have a supermarket they mainly shop at, a relatively low proportion of them shop exclusively at that supermarket. They do not seem to have any great sense of loyalty to their main chain.

“Woolworths/Safeway and Coles customers are quite similar in their shopping habits: they are more likely to shop at two – or even three – of the main chains in an average four weeks than return to their primary supermarket every time. People who mainly shop at IGA are also more likely to visit two supermarkets in any given four weeks, but less likely to visit three.

“These results suggest that customer loyalty programs such as FlyBuys (held by more than half of Coles shoppers) and Everyday Rewards (held by more than 60% of Woolworths/Safeway customers) are not achieving the desired result.

“Meanwhile, the fact that so few ALDI customers shop exclusively at ALDI is not so surprising: while the German chain offers low prices and a popular home-brand range, it does not have such a huge variety of products as the other major supermarkets. As a result, it’s almost inevitable that ALDI shoppers will need to visit other chains during the month to complete their grocery shop”.


We want to know today, where do you shop? Do you go to multiple stores or just one? Why are you loyal or disloyal?

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  1. 90% of my shopping done at woollies, convenience, is a must for me.
    Have a few things I get at Aldi but they don’t stock much of what I like.

  2. I follow the specials, I am not going to pay more for the privilege of just shopping in one Supermarket, when down the road the same item is cheaper, gone are the days I could afford to spend without much thought

  3. I alway shop at our local IGA they have done served me will great prices our butchers have the best meat around

  4. Loyal to none of these supermarkets, I just go where the bargains are. We don’t have Aldi here in Tassie!

  5. The closest supermarket for me is IGA. However, I do not find their vegetables and fruit fresh. I prefer to go to a fruit and vegetable shop to get fresh fruit and vegetables. As yet Perth does not have an Aldi. I believe we will get one next year.

  6. I G A give the best service and the staff are real nice !

  7. Dont shop at coles dont have enough brands l like shop at iga woolies and aldies.and sometimes foodworks

  8. Our local IGA’s we have two, are too expensive for me. They have the monopoly in town being the only Supermarkets here. I shop at Coles in store and often getting it delivered to my door.

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