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Australia’s aggressive cuts to foreign aid – all in the name of “budget repair” – are raising some difficult questions. Just how much should The Lucky Country’s be supporting its less lucky neighbours?

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Myanmar’s largest development organisation is accusing Australia of cutting close to $55 million previously allocated to its health care program.

The Three Millennium Development Goal Fund, which provides vital health care to poor and developing communities across Myanmar, has announced that Australia will not be giving the AU$54.9 million previously allocated to the organisation.

A spokesperson for Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade told SMH the government is “consulting the government of Myanmar on our aid program for 2015-16… Final decisions have not yet been made regarding individual investments”.

This comes hot on the heels of aspiring Australian volunteers learning that their government-funded volunteering with Scope Global, Red Cross and Australian Volunteers International would also be put on hold.

Australia is now expanding its definition of foreign aid to cover military and police deployments during international disasters – a definition that, if recognised, would greatly improve our track record.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop believes this is a more accurate representation of our global role. “I think it’s misleading to only look at what strictly goes through your aid program that is defined by guidelines that (don’t) recognise the diversity of how development assistance can be provided in different countries”.

This is far from the first time foreign aid has been cut. Back in 2012, Bob Carr diverted $375 million back into fund Australia’s asylum seeker regime, fuelling some heated debates that rage on to this day.

Writing for Amnesty International at the time, Alex Pagliaro suggested this mentality was extremely “counterproductive”.

“Despite being a wealthy, developed country, Australia’s aid budget is already quite small and well below the foreign aid contributions of other countries like US and Canada”.

“In all likelihood, at least some of this money will be taken away from stabilising countries that refugees originate from – forcing even more people to flee”.


Does Australia have an obligation – political or moral – to offer foreign aid? Can we be a responsible first-world nation without making financial contributions?



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  1. Totally agree, we are all scared that someone might get something more than us. Selfishness is another problem and greed. The feral bogan red necks are taking over !

  2. Cut the “foreign aid” to our poloticians.

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  3. We have a limited amount of money in the till. We have an ever decreasing population in employment paying taxes, to fill the till. With all the dogooders crying out for more illegals to get in on the gravy train, Medicare, benefits, housing -mine, yours and the next generation will be members of the ‘poor nation’ not the lucky country !!! You can’t keep going and taking money out of the till unless you’re putting it back in! What is it that people don’t understand about that basic book keeping?! Indonesia DOES NOT need the billions we give them. We are still giving foreign aid to places like China for goodness sake. Are we stupid?!. All very well to be the lounge room politician and foreign minister. You have no idea what goes on unless I’m wrong and you’re putting yr hand up to so,be the worlds problems. That being the case I would live to have you set out in budget form to explain how you would do it.

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    • Wow, tell us how you feel. “Do gooders” “illegals” “gravy train”- I’m guessing you don’t like compassion or refugees. As for book keeping, a country’s budget is in no way like a household or business budget so “basic bookkeeping” does not apply. Maybe you should study a little basic macroeconomics before preaching your kitchen accounting to us.

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      • I assume your macroeconomics book is written in Greek and we know how well they managed their economy. A countries budget is exactly the same as a household budget, to spend money, first you have to raise it from somewhere. The only difference between a Country economy and a household budget is that governments other than those in the Euro zone like Greece can just print extra money to pay their bills, which is the equivalent of the National Credit card.

    • Gee Maggie you got your self a lecture from a nasty leftie, good to know your tax dollars provided such wonderful education isn’t it?Talk about arrogance!

    • Maggie have a look at the CAFTA report, if we stopped paying taxes now our govt will survive for years on the investments it has.

    • It’s a simple matter of — common sense– no fancy free education required, we must look after our own first

    • And just to give the lefties more fodder while China are allowed to bring their own workers in. Who will they pay tax to.

    • Charity begins at home or should. We really need to look after our own first. By all means help out when there is disaster but put our country first

    • Yes, being a “leftie” makes everything one says wrong! And indeed that degree did include economics. If being intolerant of ignorance makes me arrogant, so be it. I’m tired of people trotting out platitudes without understanding that they have been duped for the sole purpose of winning votes.
      And, btw, why isn’t it arrogant to dismiss people with differing viewpoints as “leftie” and “do gooders” – utter hypocrisy!

    • Well said Margret Byrne, all this lefties, Commos and Socialist, as I said on my post just justifies what I said. They just repeat ad nausea without checking all the facts on what they supposedly get, just read MSM and believe everything. I also stated that people are so worried that someone might get something more that their selfish selves. You only had to look at their posts on here to see that. As for all that BS about medicare housing benefits got to do with it, the red neck bogans just repeat what all other red necks say.

    • If being a lefty means compassion, tolerance, acceptance, education and sharing…. well then HOORAY For the lefties. Thank God we have them

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      • Lefties all believe in “Tooth Fairy Economics”, that is that “someone else” should pay extra taxes to pay for their ideas. The reality is we all someone else to everybody else. Australia has 6% unemployment, between 15% and 30% youth unemployment depending on the region, plus a level of under employment that is not even officially published. Charity begins at home. Secondly why should foreign aid not come with strings attached, such as saying to Burma (Minamarra) foreign aid depends on you not persecuting racial minorities as is currently happening

    • If the governments in power (both sides) were more transparent people would be able to make knowledgable comments!

    • We’re loaded Maggie, but we don’t want hundreds and hundreds of thousands of refugees , wrecking our way of life. Sounds cruel , yes but its true , we could never allow open slather immigration then we would be destroyed.Even the Labor party know that, the Greens well they’d let Jack the Ripper sleep overnight , they are out of touch the other way, but we have to give aid so these countries near by develope and succeed , so they don’t need to scriounge their way into our nation, we can afford aid , we can’t pay for another 5 million god knows what types living here. When that happens hopefully you and me and our own people will have all passed on by then. But hopefully it won’t happen.Sound racist???? Well it is but not how you think, I just don’t believe some peoples can live together. Individually yes when you meet different people , but as large ehtnic groups it doesn’t work. Look at the rest of the world and how mixing up races has created hell on earth , even in the UK. WHAT SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED WAS COLONISATION , BUT IT DID, SO WE WEAR THE UNFORTUNATE RESULT AND TRY TO MINIMISE THE WORST , AND SO WE GIVE AID SO THAT THE NEIGHBOUR STAYS IN HIS OWN BACK YARD.

  4. Cut it! We have , where to put it or who to give it here ! If time is better we can give it away !

  5. Well it is what people asked them to do, now we are greedy for doing it, damned if you do damned if you don’t. People are never satisfied.

  6. maybe they should cut the $120.000 weekend jaunts that Julie Bishop has, that would go a long way to putting money back in the till

  7. When poverty in our country is addressed, then send help overseas. Too many here doing it tough! Do we get overseas aid for our bush fires, floods and cyclones? Not all our poor and homeless are in this position because they choose to be.

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    • Actually, we do.
      USA and Canada and GB send us fire fighters and equipment every fire season and other countries take up collections and send it for victims of these catastrophic events.

    • What are you dribbling about Chris Lilly, you just repeat the same old same old BS you read in the Murdock Press. Who told you all our poor are not in their position because they chose to, who told you, you just really have no idea except what you hear !

    • We are doing it tough because of the nasty cuts,sackings,the declared war on everyone and everything. No direction to businesses from this ridiculous government in Canberra and where ever the is a Liberal Govt.

    • Rosemary are you for real? We are doing it tough because the liberal government? That’s rubbish I hate to say to you. But please a lot of our woes are because the Labor left a hefty deficit, after they took over power with a healthy surplus. All their spend rift polices and the borrowing have to be paid back. Speaking for myself, I hate to be in debt, and I certainly hate that our country is still in debt! The so called nasty cuts had to happen, and I expect there will be more! In saying all this I still think we are the lucky country. There are a lot more countries worse off than us. The trouble today with some Australians, they are greedy. Always putting their hands out saying More, more, more. And Me Me Me.
      As for businesses, they have put in place to help small businesses. Quite frankly a lot of the large businesses, especially the car manufactories, have gone overseas because off our unions who have pushed them out by unreasonable and unsustainable demands.


    • Geez…Douglas Wedrat, you must have good job and lots of money. Through my job, I deal with poor people every day. I’m grateful I’m not in their position, but that doesn’t blind me to the hardships out there.

  8. No we should look after our own its our earnings that other countries get and they should start to help themselves get organisedourmoney should stay here

  9. if you don’t want them here
    then help them there and always remember if your not an aboriginal you don’t belong here so we really are a hypocritical group with very short memories
    200years is not that long ago

    1 REPLY
    • You show an abysmal lack of education . the aboriginals are not native her either,. they may have got here 40,000 years before us but they are not original to the country. If you trot out the old argument that succesive generations were born here then it applies to old whitey as well. thats me and 20 million lik
      e me

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