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It’s been a shocking week for violence, with one state in particular hanging its head in shame this morning.

What’s most frightening is that so many of these attacks have taken place in public, suggesting that the level of violence has reached a point where it spills out onto the streets.

In Queensland, a young woman was run off the road, then allegedly beaten to death by her partner while she was trapped in her car. She leaves behind a young child.

Two days later, a woman was shot point-blank in a McDonalds off the Gold Coast Motorway. Meanwhile another was chased down the street by her boyfriend wielding a machete. She was rescued by neighbours who fought him off with brooms and a wheelie bin until police arrived.

Most tragically, just a few days ago, a father allegedly killed six-year-old daughter in her bed, then tried to kill his eight-year-old girl.

We are at a crisis point – we simply cannot ignore the problem of domestic violence any longer, not now it is on our streets, in our “family restaurants” and on the news every five minutes.

How many generations of “sweeping it under the rug” have allowed it to get to this point? How many times in our lives should we have spoken out and said, “no, that’s not okay”?

What goes on behind closed doors is now everyone’s problem.

Queensland’s premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced she will fast-track domestic-violence reforms, including the criminalisation of non-lethal strangulation. She has offered a “blank cheque” to support services that help women, children and any victim of domestic violence be safe.

“What we’ve just seen over the last few days is atrocious, it’s horrific, it’s been absolutely vicious, and it’s had horrible consequences,” she told press yesterday.

Today we ask ourselves, what can we do? How can we stop the cycle of abuse?

Share your thoughts below. 


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  1. Well done to Annastacia Palaszczuk, domestic is out of control in Australia, malicious and vicious crimes seem to be committed on an almost daily basis. We need tougher sentencing. Some of these people should never be let on the streets again

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    • So far she’s done nothing but say ‘someone should do somethign and I’m with them” trypical politician looking for support. We need ACTION not media campaigns.

    • This is why I have become a recluse way too much nasty out there for me I am so over people and their attitudes these days, I say bring back discipline the young ones are growing up with such selfish “LIFE IS ALL ABOUT ME” attitudes and I will do as I please and I don’t care who I hurt because it’s all about poor little old me and what I want, they have no respect for the law or others Any more and our legal system and the do goodies have created this situation.

    • Unfortunately Ros, some females and their children can’t escape the abuse, as there is not enough funding, refuges and court backup. It’s not just the younger generation committing these crimes against women, it’s been going on for ever. Families can look happy on the outside, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors. It happens in all walks of life.

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo absolutely rife behind closed doors,and as a survivor and advocate for Domestic abuse….so much fear and so much emotional abuse going on behind closed dooors,and unless you have the physical scars to show ,the victim is not believed and the victim is on her own.alone…..the domestic abuse help centres are so underfunded,they are unable to respond to all calls for help…..and if the abuse is emotional only,your cries will be ignored ,because they have to focus on the huge demand from physically abused victims… once again the victim is on her own,to wait for physical abuse to happen,before she will get an opportunity to be helped….but most times,as we see over and over again,these victims are still not helped by police etc………

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo It’s not all women that are being abused either some men are copping a lot of abuse from women I know one in particular that has been a victim for 4 years + and she has had him up on dom charges and reversed the role with her lies, she is a pshychopath that has tried to destroy her family and ours along with the life of her daughter through her obsessive drug and alcohol abuse, she blames everyone else for her bad behaviour and screams blue murder when someone tries to help her by turning the situation into one of them trying to abuse her. As far as I am concerned some women ask for what they get because they keep pushing the wrong buttons until one backfires on them.

  2. I think if someone hurts their partner once, physically, mentally, emotionally that maybe a mistake, do it again and it’s not, people who have proven they are dangerous should not be allowed out on the streets to do it again

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  3. Like all decent people in Australia, I am horrified at any form of violence and in particular, domestic violence, where people are being attacked by those with whom they should be able to feel safe.Victims should be able to report to Police and receive immediate help and support. Perpetrators should receive much tougher sentences for their crimes. Also, children need to be educated, both in the home and at school, about respect for others. Violence is really at a crisis point in Australia today and something drastic needs to happen to turn things around.

  4. I am of the opinion that it starts in the home. Parents to teach equality and respect for all (but get educated about what that means and entails). This is a country where women are not paid equal pay for equal work. So there is a systemic problem that women are seen as ‘less than’ or in the words of Simone de Beauvoir ‘The Other’. Naturally men will think they are ‘The One’ . (yes yes yeeessssss I know not all think that – but have a look at the damn situation and the stats for heavens sake and WHO carries the most load in society and who is paid less and the appalling status of child-care, the domestic violence issues we have here, etc etc). Women and men in Sweden are taught from birth that men and women share equal responsibility inside AND outside the home. Send a delegation to Iceland and bring back their principles and practices and set them to law. Oooohhh I lament over the status of inequality here in Australia.

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    • Sick of hearing about equal pay, equal rights , Most over 70 year olds were very happy with their lot in life, most having basic education, but having family values & all contributing in their way. Kids did what they were told then, and they had respect, Money & education is not the be all of everything , Better parents are needed

    • Yes I agree, it starts in the home, both for men and women, I know of a man who was physically attacked by his wife, bashed literally and he couldn’t retaliate cos she said the police would believe her… not him…. it happens…. so with that said….. Drugs, drugs, drugs….. everywhere, ICE the scurge creates violent spontaneous reactions to nothing at all sometimes… doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, how big you are… they will attack….. also people taking steroids can become violent… It seems to me that no one can communicate or talk-out a problem, its just “lash out – kill, mame’ control and bash… that’s it in a nutshell…. People don’t know how to communicate in a lot of cases. its just not in their psyche…..

    • Dawn. You have been spoiled and fortunate – and lucky you. You simply have not had the exposure to the reality of what goes on outside your sphere. Too bad you are sick of hearing about equal pay and equal rights…the discussions and fight will go on and on and on – until it is so. If you are over 70 – you will not see it. But I quite assure you it will happen – and we just won’t be here to see it AND ENJOY IT. Btw Dawn – if you think equal rights has nothing to do with domestic violence – you truly need to do some reading.

    • Rubbish Dawn, domestic violence has been alive and well in this country since the arrival of the First Fleet … luck you if you have managed to avoid exposure to it. It is about power, inequality and the commodification of women. I’m not sure if the incidence has increased or just the reporting of it … either way it is totally unacceptable .. and I’m sorry if I offend you, but anyone who is not outraged by the behaviour of a significant sec tor of society is as much part of the problem as the man who beats his partner to death. It is imperative that women have the capacity, economically, socially and psychologically to have violent partners removed from their lives, permanently.

  5. Abbott & Federal gov cut funding to many refuges & have closed. We need more of them everywhere for women & children to flee to for safety & support where they can get help & guidance.

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    • You are absolutely right Carol. I am appalled that both state and Federal governments have cut funding to refuges and domestic violence services. As much as I support bringing the refugees to our country and supporting them, why not protect the women and children who love on fear every day. After being a family violence case manager for 14 years I know there are many needs to support women to leave.
      The judiciary should be ashamed of itself. Magistrates do not take these crimes seriously and perpetrators walk out of court laughing when they get an intervention order served against them.
      The government needs to put large amounts of money into the police force and form a domestic violence team working only in supporting families to leave.
      There has also been money cut for the crisis line service that in the past has been able to help many people.
      It is horrific the state of safety for our families in the community.

  6. Abut time the courts do something more AND the police can step in & do something without the victim having to make a complaint.
    Why not try the same as in Dallas
    1. where the police can come in & first arrest the abuser if they are attacking someone instead of waiting for the victim to make a complaint as they are already traumatised and it is against the law
    2. There is a specific court just for domestic violence
    3. The abuser MUST admit that he is at fault (as most of them deflect the problem to the victim instead of taking ownership of their own behaviour)
    4. They MUST do anger management and strict counselling to learn to deal with WHY they are abusive
    5. They are NOT allowed near their partner/wife until they are deemed safe and they have a huge success rate nearer 90% (they say)
    6. They are NOT allowed near their partner/wife until they are deemed safe and they have a huge success rate nearer 90% (they say)them away from their victim and in an environment where they can be helped.
    Just putting them in jail does nothing but make them angrier as they don’t take ownership of their own behaviour.
    We also need to make sure victims have somewhere safe to go and help them to move away, need safe havens with protection from these madmen.
    The laws need to be changed so Police are able to step in and do something if a complaint is made instead of waiting until they are attacked as it can mean death.
    Maybe NOW we can do something to change our laws to protect victims instead of just saying tut tut and making no changes. Absolutely appalling.

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    • Where will put all these perpetrators of domestic violence when their arrested? Prison? If the violence is at such a high level of frequency in our society there aren’t enough prisons to hold them.
      As well I can’t see the police, who are already under resourced, rushing out to attend every call on domestic violence. In fact I could see the issue made worse for the victim by their presence as it inflames the issue for the perpetrator.
      I would much rather see domestic and other forms of violence treated as a symptom of a disease. No one is born violent we become violent. As I mention below I think there is a strong link between mental health, male suicide and the amount of violence that is currently occurring.

    • drug testing in both men and women should be done to around children…. So many out there, the children suffer….. These men who track you down, well that’s the big problem,,, being scared, you stay, flee-ing you are scared continually of being found. More education for a start in schools, stop teaching mamby pamby things that are of no use in our society, teach people how to be ready for the big wide world…. We were taught by our parents, but that doesn’t always count today, unfortunately. Build more gaols, we need them… we as a nation, don’t care, we want to feel safe at no matter what cost.

    • Yes totally agree, my concern is also ppl who are violent due to many years of drug abuse…………. once they stop using drugs how do you fix a damaged mind from years of drug abuse. Very scary issue. Lived it and still living it trying to keep my children safe.

    • The courts are being very heavy handed. It’s not working! If you don’t give a person hope then they think they have nothing to lose. These men need lots of support lots of help to get over losing everything including their children. Think about it! We need to give support to these people help them move on, it’s the only way.

    • Kay,in Queensland our Premier has already commenced putting in ALL of the 140 recommendations by an enquiry intom domestic abuse conducted by Dame Quinten Bryce,which include most of the above…..which has been long overdue…..

    • Well if that’s the case then you will get more violence. Without comparison it will just continue.

    • If a woman goes to the police in fear of her life apparently our cops are virtually saying well we have to wait until the abuser kills you, then we step in and ‘solve the crime’ so you see, cops are useless at the scene of a murder! The horse has bolted!!

  7. when will men realise that if you love someone let them go

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    • I have one that follows me writes notes about me takes down number plates of cars I get into or drive follows my son, yet he cheated on me ? What’s the answer ? Your so right why carnt they leave us alone

    • Sad but true Sue, and until that changes … which is unlikely to happen any time soon given the country is run by middle aged, middle class white men who put a $ tag on everything… this will not be a safe place for women and children.

  8. As a victim many years ago, I can only say that I see the difference now is that these vile creatures don’t try to hide it like many many men did back then. I believe just one hit or shove with nothing done about it, sets it up to get worse and worse. I suffered horrific injuries and was left mentally scarred for life. I think I am lucky though because I am still here. The government, a male majority have no idea what it’s like. The laws are nowhere near tough enough, there is nowhere near enough done about this and the “women should not do” attitude is disgraceful. One punch to someone at a nightclub gains more sympathy and publicity from the government than six domestic violence cases. Women Australia wide are victims of a male dominated society, which thinks they can brutslise and women will just have to wear it.

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  9. Totally out of control> CONTROL there is the problem and there is a lot more ways that people are abused and what we have seen this last week is the terrible end.

  10. I believe there is a link between mental health, male suicide and the amount of violence that is currently occurring in our society both domestic and other.

    Parts of our society are trying to fix the problem by toughening laws and extending prison sentences. You can’t fight mental health issues in this way. People with mental health issues don’t think rationally when performing acts of violence so the prospect of prison doesn’t impact their thinking.

    If we actually spent the equivalent amount of resources addressing mental issues for men as we do trying to incarcerate them then we may make progress.

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