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I am getting angry about the treatment of older people by the younger generations.  Having worked most of my life to bring up five children, I find it exasperating that you get to a brick wall as you travel past 60, where you are stigmatised as less useful, unhealthy, complaining and smelly. 

Here we are being told we can work up until we are 70 years old, yet we become more and more isolated and devalued as human beings.  The jobs we are given become shorter, smaller and far from interesting. 

People are actually trying to push you out of your job in favour of younger, often less educated and less experienced, generations.

On top of all those problems we are putting up with our slowly decaying bodies (that are no longer looking as sexy as they did back in the 1960s) and trying to maintain some sort of smile and “look happy” appearance, all of this while dealing with a daily distain that society places on older people, who they no longer want to consider as acceptable. 

The younger generation’s attitude first comes down to the “you should be the cleaner” approach and follows on with a “please stop bothering me approach”. 


Are you still working?  And is it a part time mundane job?

 Are you unfit, overweight, lazy?

Are you on medication…?

 Are you slow, with some stiffness, or having trouble tying the shoelaces?

 Have your friends started dying of major illnesses?

 What interesting topics can you discuss, other than your four walls and bathroom activities?

What did you do yesterday?  Do you remember?

Are you still finding activities of interest outside the home or can you not be bothered?

Do you go dancing? Regularly attend a gym? Take regular holidays? Mind the Grandkids?

Do you have selective deafness yet?

Are you still maintaining your independence?

Are you driving further than the local shops?

Have you become a burden to your relatives?


Take a look at how some of these questions relate to the younger generation.

How many 20-30 year olds are fat, lazy and smelly?

How many of them just cannot be bothered to go out of their way?

How many sit on some sort of government support? Or work in mundane jobs going nowhere?

How many are regularly asking their parents for money?

How many  do not have regular work?

How many take frequent days off and are unreliable because of parties and drunken binges the night before?

How many fail to take regular baths or just smell of BO!

How many of them just want to dump the kids on you for babysitting!

Look at the dope and pills or drugs they are taking… and imagine how exciting and efficient they are going to be at the age of 60.

How many of them remember what they did last night, not to mention yesterday!

How many of them are taking anti-depressants already?

Look at the loud music, earplugs, and damage to their hearing. Should be a quiet world by the time they reach 60.

How many of their friends are dropping dead from drunken fights, or in car accidents from being stupid?

How many have tried to move in with their parents because they fail in their relationships or jobs… or just fail?  And are they a burden to their relatives?

How many of them actually care?

So to me this is all a bit HYPOCRITICAL and I think the younger generations are going to face far more difficulties from their years of mistreatment of themselves, and mistreatment of others.  How dare they criticise us ancient treasures?!

Do you share Gill’s sentiments? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Gill Johnston

  1. That was an enjoyable read Gill thank you , I have learned that aging definitely has it’s downside ,many of thing you mentioned and I agree with. But is has it’s upsides too. We have so many good memories of a care free youth, that we can all come in here and share and remember. Kids today won’t have that when they are our age , it will be hard for them to share memories of online games and mobile phones but they are mainly activities they do inside and alone. I suspect we are the last of the lucky Golden Oldies. Life will be much harder for those who follow us into old age.

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    • So true, loved being young and carefree in the 70’s, worked and travelled overseas.

  2. Yes to a certain extent. …thankfully I have a loving husband, wonderful adult children who think the world of their parents and grandchildren who love us to pieces and get very excited when they see us. However I do have the odd niece who treats us like we are brain dead so I no longer have anything to do with her. Most of our kids friends are always happy to see us….think we are lucky.

  3. It is definately a sad situation and I feel for those in a position where they are devalued. I am still working at 60 and its in a tough industry, I am a security officer and always at the coal face where potential violence is a possiblity. My customer service skills come into play and I am always able to get the best pug of a bad situation and treated with genuine respect.. I like young people and find them to be positive and responsive to good manners and being treated well and respectfully. It hasn’t been my experience where I am treated as an old foeggie… I must admit I look great for my age don’t drink smoke or eat meat plus exercise and do martial arts and meditate. My calm aura and quiet voice is comforting to those I both work with and supervise. It’s important to remain relavent in an ever changing world.

  4. I work in customer service in a government transport agency and I’m 66, they come in incoherent, making demands, and rude and a lot of times when you ask them what they want ah let me think. They travel everywhere for $ 2:50 and complain. They have never worked aged between 16 and 40 and proud of it. I pity them for their waste of their lives, for like Libbi Elliot says what are they going to have for memories. I have two wonderful children, grandchildren and tons of memories. We in our age group have something that a lot of them won’t have, and one of them will be having a long and fulfilled life. How many of them won’t make the retirement age is the greatest shame of all.

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    • So many of them won’t need to retire George Newman because so many of them never had or will have a job to retire from.. They have made social welfare a lifestyle choice and they will continue to be paid for by desent hard working people until they die.

  5. I worked for 20 years as a public servant at a TAFE college, in the end they did not want permanent people but agency ones, who I found did not necessary have the loyalty to the job. I was finally pushed out and had to retire on medical grounds, in one way it was good I got to spend a bit more time with my Mum before we lost her. My husband had been retired awhile and volunteered and told me where he was they could do with a hand a the office, so I now volunteer once a week, doing office work and love it mainly because they say thank you and appreciate the work you do. I also help once a week, parents of twins boys born in March, which I find is lots of fun and laughter. I am 65years and have two children, whom I love, a lovely hubby, also two grandchildren who live in another state. I was one of five we grew up in the 50’s had fun and games sometimes a little tough, but every memory bad or good is fine. Sometimes people don’t show the respect, but that is their problem not ours, we only have one life so we should enjoy it to the full as best we can.

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    • Regarding TAFE. . The local Uni and Tafe were forced to combine. The Uni chancellor said all TAFE teaching would be done on line by computers – thereby doing 50 teachers out of work. ( Imagine that, anyone could make money, doing their students college papers to qualify as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics) The teachers said well we may as well resign now Then the headlines in the local paper had the same Chancellor saying “How I Saved 50 jobs.” Taxpayers are paying this plonker an enormous salary and this is what he comes up with.

    • Leone I worked for some wonderful teachers in the section, then we got move to a hub, terrible idea teachers weren’t look after as well since some people did not know the meaning of a full day work for a full day pay. My children saw how much I and there stepdad worked, they are both in their 30’s with Masters to their name as they like achieving. To me respect is earned not given, I had a lot of respect for my wonderful teachers, they helped a lot of young people, many came back to thank them.

    • The system would be better served if they sacked him and spread the money over 50 dedicated teachers. With education it can’t just be about the money. I know that in education there can be a lot of waste, I saw it myself as I attended TAFE part time for 6 years, but that waste doesn’t apply to the actual teaching. When I first starting, attending was free, and then the course hours were calculated and charged out per hour. I completed my Associate Diploma more than ten years ago so have lost touch with how things are now. A friend is doing a course presently, and mentioned in passing that the half of the students don’t really want to be there and make excuses for not handing in assignments on time and have little respect for any aspect of the course. We had a couple like that but we were mostly mature aged folk and we worked hard for our fantastic teachers.

    • My understanding is if you are on the dole and take up a course you dont have to look for work so i guess some are just some are just progressing through the system

  6. Kids today aren’t taught manners. They don’t respect anyone. They are rude, they expect everything given to them on a silver platter.

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    • If the kids of today are not taught any manners then it is our generation who are to blame in a sense We grew up without the things we use today .Our parents had to do without and save for the larger items in the household , we on the other hand grew up in a fast changing world . People wanted a new car, the best appliances ,a bigger house so on and so forth ,so both parents had to go out to work and we unintentionally did’nt transfere the values of life our parents passed down to us, ie manners, work ethics and so on.

  7. I don’t really know. Most of the young people I encounter seem ok. I have seen some rude adults however. Especially on the roads.

  8. Good article I think is a generation we were totally different we want it to change the world , make a stand in many ways political, fashion and socially we work as one to make a statement, this generation don’t work as one is each to his own no objectives in many ways no hope no trust escapism in individual scale. So without generalising is an increase on violence to women, children and the elderly is no love for themselves and the environment causing a breakdown in so many ways. Those who are motivated and clear headed are going to have to work so much harder to get them out of the hole. Good luck

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