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Yes, you heard that right: men do more housework once they retire – up to 2 times more than they did before.

A new German study of 1,302 couples has found that men do 3.9 hours of house work each day which is up from 2 hours when they were working. Though when it comes to sharing the burden of house work, it is an area women lead in: they do around 6.1 hours if they’re at home.

The study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, included chores such as the laundry and washing up, as well as running errands. Funnily enough, and we’re sure this is true in your house, men don’t want to wash up the dishes, whether they’re working or retired. Men much prefer repairing things or gardening once their retired, according to the survey.

There might be those women who say their husband does no housework so 2 x 0 = 0 but overall, men are doing more when they have less stress, and isn’t that a good thing?

Others may say that despite an increase in work done by the retired man of the house, there is still a ‘chore gap’. NY Mag has recently reported that even those who are cohabiting but not married, and even those who work more than their male partners still do the bulk of the household chores. Why is this happening?

Some suggest it’s because women generally stay healthier longer and some do enjoy cleaning. Some probably will admit to doing the bulk of the tidying up because they feel their partner is unable to do it correctly.

It would also be interesting to see what happens to the division of housework in households where both partners work, or among couples in which the woman works more. For the couples in this study, it seems the housework gender gap does appear to narrow later in life. It’s still not fair but it is less unfair! We’re sure many men can agree with that.

And for they don’t do in chores, they make up for in company and happiness, isn’t that right, ladies?


What do you think? Is your man more of a cleaner or a watcher? Do you clean or is your hubby a better tidier? Tell us below.

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  1. My husband does nothing ! Can’t cook , can’t shop , can’t wash dishes , can’t make beds , can’t hang his clothes , can’t paint or do odd jobs . Spends most days buying tat off eBay and second hand shirts , think he has 105 now , none of them ironed . Plays golf and moans about everything . so no life is not better when your husband retires , it s just bloody boring.

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    • In response to my berations, he said he was ” very handy” , I asked why he thought he was handy, because he lives in the same house was his reply !!! .thinking of joining a convent

    • OMG are We married to the same man … Only the man who lives in this house doesn’t play golf or use a computer, since retiring from forty yrs in the police force , bloody retired from everything… Let his veggie garden grow over, let his birds die off… And out of eight chooks there’s only three left … Yep he’s retired .. Me ? Well I’m still keeping house, like I’ve been doing for the last fifty yrs…

    • well you have a man for at least company… you would still have to do dishes, hang washing out, wash floors, do the gardens, cook and clean, if you lived alone, like myself,.. its just a bit more of each thing in the house.. not much…. maybe just my thoughts, but hell…………whats the problem I say.

    • I have retired (although have to consider some part time work) and I am so busy I don’t have enough time in the day to do everything I want. I am not sure how my partner will be but any days off I don’t see him doing much, certainly not housework, maybe a few odd jobs but not the actual housework unless I ask. I keep telling him to have a hobby as I dread when he will be home everyday as he keeps wanting to go out. I am extremely happy doing all my hobbies I have been wanting to do when i was working.
      He loves cooking & is fantastic but clean up…..maybe not, he has always worked on the basis if he cooks I clean up, but if I cook, I clean up. Never been able to change his outlook. he is a messy cook as well. grrr

    • When mine retired he became a professional hoarder. Never ever throws out anything. Just clutters up another area. Help!!!!!

    • When men retire, a lot of them take up gardening, they have their little potting shed and try to grow the hard things, the difficult things, like orchids. Not for the faint of heart. I witnessed an orchid show, and after the judging, the men walked around the tables mumbling about the winning entry – could not get the flowers to bloom at precisely the right day, flowers showing stress, lack of water, nutrients, etc They could very well have been criticising the judging at a wine show, or a dog or cat show.

    • I certainly feel so sorry for you ladies. I must have struck gold when I married my beautiful husband 45 years ago …..he cooks he does housework he irons he does grocery shopping and he is the most loving partner you could wish for ! From the day we married we entered into a partnership where we are both treated equally. I could not be in any other sort of relationship.

    • Can’t or won’t…there’s a big difference. Stop running around after him. He’s an adult not a child. Your time is precious as well. Just STOP doing it all!

    • Totally agree Sue. I think it is disgusting that he has so little respect for his wife and won’t lift a finger to help… selfish and how demeaning for his wife ! He would learn pretty quickly if his wife also refused to cook clean etc !

  2. My husband has always helped with cleaning ,cooking,shopping,washing and the children. Now I am working and he is not he does it all. He is great in comparison to a lot of men but I believe if you both work then you both should pitch in at home.

  3. My husband is always busy, but never too busy to help around the house. His only weakness is cooking, or rather, not cooking. He’s always been helpful 🙂

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    • yes well you still have to do all the housework if you live alone, there are still beds to make, floors to wash, washing to do, cooking to do and the list goes on, Oh and gardending to do.. so when people say they do nothing , I dont understand, – YOU still have to do your own stuff anyway… I am glad yours is appreciated it seems not many are… I dont have a husband any more but was never that nit picky anyway.

  4. My husband always shared the workload particularly after I went back to work and now my son’s and son-in-laws share the load.

  5. My husband is always busy but not with housework. He has a shed full of stuff, 2 boats, cars & acres to mow. I do the house & gardens. It’s always been like this. Neither of us has to rush off to work anymore so time management is our own “problem” …… Which makes it no problem really.

  6. My husband cooks the evening meal most days, mows the lawns and does the groceries and nothing else. And I still work part time and have to do the rest! He doesn’t even have a hobby other than watching TV… At least he does something to help I suppose, more than some of our friends husbands

  7. I haven’t got one , any spares out there , I can guarantee decent food, lotsa excercise ,plenty of jobs to do !

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