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Today we woke to the news that there had been another gun massacre in the US, this time in Oregon. The question now is will they ever learn and how many more people have to die before they have the guts to do something about gun control?

Sadly, it seems it is taking the US a while to get that message.

While the Australian government led by Prime Minister John Howard clamped down on gun ownership after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, the US has failed to take any form of worthwhile action.

President Barack Obama is known to be in favour of gun control himself, but getting any legislation passed has proven impossible because politicians are too worried about the backlash from voters in a country where owning a gun is perceived as a basic right, not to mention the might of the powerful gun lobby, who make billions a year selling guns.

Earlier today a visibly upset Obama made his 15th speech following a shooting, calling on voters to put pressure on politicians to act.

“We are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months,” he said.

The Guardian said he praised Australia and the UK for having come up with ways to prevent mass shootings, and reiterated his concern that the country he leads was the only advanced nation that did not have “sufficient, commonsense” gun laws. The shooter in the latest Oregon Massacre reportedly had four guns in his possession.

“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” he said. “It’s not enough”.

He called for voters to make gun control an issue at the ballot box in future elections.

“To change these laws and save lives requires a change in politics on this issue,” Obama said.

“It will require that the American people individually – whether you are a Democrat, or a Republican or an independent – when you decide to vote for somebody are making a determination as to whether this cause of continuing death for innocent people should be a relevant factor in your decision.

“If you think this is a problem, then you should expect your elected officials to reflect your views”.

So, the US president has yet again put the writing on the wall when it comes to gun control. But will those who live in the “Land of the brave” listen to it and vote for what they know must be done, or continue burying their heads in the sand?

What do you think? Will Barack Obama’s latest plea be successful, or will the US continue to bury its head in the sand when it comes to tackling gun control?

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  1. There will continue to be shootings while the USA has no form of gun control, anyone can buy a gun there

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    • They are not without controls. The controls they have are inadequate.

  2. I would prefer to live in Australia and I hope we never headed down the pah of the USA or we could be in here talking about our grandchildren who have been shot at school or somewhere else. Gun control was the best thing Howard ever did

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    • America exports their culture and their guns.

  3. Don’t need to get rid of guns just get rid of the moslem extremists!

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  4. They have gun ownership mentality over there, until they can get over this way of thinking these mass shootings will continue to happen. I wonder if they will take note of what Obama has said.

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    • I don’t agree with that Margaret Becker…a lot of teens with mental illness have done it. Guns are just too available to all in the US.

    • The kid who just did this in America singled out Christians. does it get any clearer than this. The media wont tell you, go to facebook!

    • Get a balance Margaret Becker..many many shootings and bombings .not all extremists are doing this..just sick sick..disenfranchised citizens

    • I agree that it’s not all terrorism incidents! Lots of college and school kids have taken lives for the simple reason they might have been bullied or had an issue with some of the other students or staff!! You can’t blame all these mass shooting on terrorism!

    • Margaret Becker for heavens sake stop with the paranoia, of course it is the retarded extremists, if a pacifist did it they would no longer be a pacifist then, would they? just because the victims were christians , agnostics or calathumpians doesn’t mean the gunman didn’t come from within their midst, nor was it just one color, race or creed that died @ 9/11. sadly insanity is not selective and can happen to anyone of us.

    • I’m sure you will find that is rubbush Margaret Becker. Just another disgruntled youth with a collection of guns and heaps of ammunition – because he wanted to and because he could!

    • Margaret Becker the media here repeated what they were told by two people who didn’t face him. He said on his own page that he wasn’t religious. This is bad enough with misinformation being spread. Trust just fb for your info? You have to be joking!

    • I am a Canadian living in the US presently, returning to Canada when my husband retires, I have friends who are gun owners using the guns to hunt who are very responsible but then there are others. People here feel it is their “right” to carry arms because of a war that happened hundreds of years ago and also its like they have given up always saying ” the criminals will still get guns with gun reform in place”, I don’t see these 2 mindsets ever changing so these mass murders will continue and everyone will be sad for a week, except the victims families, and then it will be forgotten. I had hoped when all those little children were killed in Newtown that something would change but even this didn’t do anything.

  5. It is the rich who manage to override any legislation for gun control. Money does not necessarily mean brains

  6. Sympathies to the families. When will the government stand up to the gun lobby?

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    • It will not change over there while the NRA is such a powerful influence over the Republicans.We should also keep a close eye on some of our Conservatives also.

    • It is so sad but in some sections of the US there are people, ,groups who would see Obama’s anger and frustration with Congress’s failure to pass tighter gun laws as a victory for them.

  7. We dont live in america so we dont know the dynamics that run the place religion racism a mooslim president people who dont have to vote a fed reserve that charges you for your money an out of control military and a minimum wage way below the existance level no wefare for people who are unemployable and a mental health industry that hands out truck loads of mind spinning medications to people who are clearly crazy thats why the good guys have guns for protection the cops are way too inundated with crazy stuff to be on call at any time …if you love john howard so much and the handling of the port arthur massacre then ask yourself one question why has martin bryant never appeared in court and why was the broadarrow knocked down and evidence destroyed ..if your goung to make statements about important stradegies try and get your facts straight

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    • David. Well you certainly have strong opinions for someone who does not know the dynamics of the place = America. My husband is from the US. He said it is in the Constitution; that it is now entrenched in the culture; they all reckon they need a gun to protect their family; an extremely influential and wealthy gun lobby, etc etc. The level of fear increases so they all go and buy more guns. Madness. Also, It seems you are a supporter of a conspiracy theory when it comes to the Port Arthur Massacre. Lemme guess – I bet you have not been there either. David – may I suggest it is you who needs to get your facts straight. And who are you speaking to anyway? Who does not have their facts straight about ‘important strategies?’. What is your strategy then? I think the US will continue to bury it’s head in the sand when it comes to gun control – they are all worried – but it seems as if the genie is out of the bag. Shocking and worrying. It will take a strong stance by the people to change things and I cannot see that happening soon.

    • your married an american and youve been to port arthur and you apparently have a great love of your fellow humans on the planet thats great i hope you live to a ripe old age and watch the corrupt govts fall before you it will be a time not too far away i think

    • There have been corrupt government since the year dot David. Chin up. Aren’t you glad you don’t live in a ‘gun happy’ US.

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