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We all visit the supermarket every week but there is one grocery store that beats the rest. Yes, for the third year in a row, ALDI has been announced as the supermarket of the year.

The changing product range, coupled with cheap prices have been a winner with consumers so this comes as no surprise. Do you shop there?

At last night’s Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Awards, ALDI took out the coveted title. Wesfarmers have posted a first half loss of 4 per cent today, so they will be shaking in their boots to know that the German supermarket is only getting more popular.

On accepting the award, ALDI managing director Oliver Bongardt said, “We are thrilled to be awarded the title of Supermarket of the Year in the Roy Morgan Research Customer Satisfaction Awards 2014. It is true testament to ALDI’s values and our commitment to deliver Australians the best possible supermarket experience. Everything we do is designed with one goal in mind – to enable Australian shoppers to live richer lives for less. Making sure our customers are satisfied with their experience at ALDI is a big part of this, which is why we offer permanently low prices, an award winning product range and a quality in-store experience”. Do you think this is what sets them apart?

Since 2000, ALDI has been trying to forge their way into our pantries and they have said that they will continue to listen to their customers and improve.

Some industry professionals have been saying that ALDI is leaving Woolworths and Coles in the dust, reports B&T magazine.

Woolies and Coles have been close rivals for many years, and it seems that ALDI’s ignorance of what they’re doing has worked well for them…and for us.


Tell us today, do you shop at ALDI? Why or why not? Are they really the best supermarket?

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  1. Yep, love ALDI Australia … the prices, the interesting stock, the quality, the convenience. They don’t stock everything, but then neither do the BIG TWO. I find I spend less at Aldi because there Isn’t the variety – I don’t have the “Oh, that might be worth a try” options !!

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    • I don’t shop so much at Aldi here at Port Macquarie as it is getting more like a junk shop, less about food. not so many people in there like it used to be.

  2. I think Aldi is great – they don’t have the complete variety that Coles and Woolies have but the range they carry is good and cheaper than the other two. You rock Aldi – keep expanding your range and you will knock out the competition.

  3. Sadly no ALDI anywhere in Far North Queensland. And any major supermarket is non existent in isolated communities, with no ability to even do on line shopping because no delivery service!

  4. its cheaper, and easy to get out of store, always have a couple of checkouts open, if it gets busy they open another..the other supermarkets make you wait and wait and have to serve yourself…

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    • I agree with you – I have an Aldi and Woolworths is our small centre – Aldi products are just a superior to the big stores in fact I prefer some. They have made the giant supermarkets sit up with their pricing. Sometimes Aldi do not have what I want so I just pop in next door, but I do 90% of my shop at Aldi these days. Yes check out can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but the big supermarkets can be twice as bad. Jokingly I did say you need a nana isle for the real elderly .

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      • yes i do the same, Aldi, don’t have all the products i am used to, but what i don’t buy at Woollies, i buy there. Love all the nik nacs etc., we bought a bench top water chiller over 3 years ago, only problem is we are waiting for the filters to come on special again, just a thought???

  5. aldi??? wow, i am very surprised as the ones here are not very big so what they carry is a bit more limited than Woolies or Coles

  6. ALDI SUCKS…too much emphasis on cheap…not enough variety. And I am a pensioner.

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    • well go to coles or wollies or as a last resort i g a & pay there prices & if you had noticed halve the stuff on the shelves is missing some of them are specials that started that day so they are as bad as each other

    • I think you will find that this Kim is just a kid, with the word sucks is more of a kid thing and if you go onto his profile you will see he is into kid stuff so don’t even recast to him, he is still living at home and at school.

    • I dont know what you expect but Aldi products are as good as the big brand names particularly the food products and cleaning products the price is right and as a pensioner (which i am) the money saved is very usefull i feel you havent really tried The Aldi range but judging against the very cheap very nasty home brands available at coles and woolworths.

    • You cannot please everyone but those who don’t like it can go else where and some people are happiest when they are complaining miserable sods !!!!

  7. I really dislike shopping at Aldi, total mess everywhere and rarely can you get the advertised specials.

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    • i have always found Aldi to have good quality products & all the staff are locals so it provides jobs in our regional town. The choice in the big two is getting rapidly smaller & in our Aldi the choice is increasing.

  8. Get everything I can there at Aldi and go to the others for the remainder and a few favourite items.

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