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We’ve been through the great milk war of 2013 and the great bread war of 2014 and now, it’s the battle of the cheapest supermarkets. In the green corner, we have ‘cheap cheap’ Woolworths; in the red corner we have ‘down, down’ Coles and ‘how the locals like it’ IGA battling it out, and in the blue corner, doing their own thing, we have ALDI.

Who will take out the title of cheapest supermarket? It seems like the winner was already written.

According to CHOICE, 75 per cent of Australians are concerned about the price of their groceries and prioritise value for money above shopping experience and food quality.

It’s been 6 years since CHOICE found out which Australian supermarket was the cheapest, and ALDI won. The consumer advocacy group wanted to see if ALDI still comes out on top when compared to the other three.

And guess what? ALDI wins again.

CHOICE bought a basket of typical goods such as washing powder, juice, cheese, toilet paper, cereal, snacks and tissues and ALDI’s basket was far cheaper than the competitors – $87.68. At Woolworths, equivalent products cost $114.24, and $119.40 at Coles. Surprisingly, IGA was the most expensive of the lot, with the total of the products coming to 8 per cent more than Coles.

Where you live can also impact how much you pay at the supermarket. The results of the research show that generally, shoppers in the eastern states are better off, while those living in NT and WA are paying more.

So what can you do if there’s no ALDI in sight? CHOICE recommends “For the biggest savings and in the absence of a nearby Aldi, shopping around for specials and choosing private label over leading brands can make a significant difference to your grocery bills”.


Tell us, do you shop at ALDI? Or do you prefer Woolworths, Coles or IGA? Do you notice the price differences? 

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  1. I prefer Coles as Aldi often has too large packs of vegetables and I am a bit slow collecting my groceries. Coles’ staff are friendlier than Woolies or Aldi.

    Woolworths lost my business over a year ago because they would not check a misleading price sign and just told me I was wrong in that their price sign was not misleading.

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    • As to staff been friendlier at Coles than woollies I find it depends on staff in these stores and not because they are from one particular supermarket over another.

  2. In South Australia the cheapest and best for fresh fruit and vegetables is Farm Direct FARM Direct Markets S.A. supporting Aussie Farms and Producers

  3. I will not buy Halaal certification so now use only small business such as Foodworks IGA

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    • What a laugh.
      Sugar and salt are Halal certified as is flour. So anything you buy that contains these ingredients is Halal certified.
      People really should look up the facts on what food is Halal certified before making these statements. 95% of all abbatoirs in Australia are also Halal certified which means your meat is.

    • I’m sure Barbara is aware of this, Ruth, but you have to start from somewhere and letting the big companies know is a good start.

  4. Aldi are ok for most things but I usually have to go to woollies to get the rest of things that they don,t have.

  5. Where we live in country SA we have a Foodland in our town and a Woolworths in the next nearest town. I find the Foodland in our town cheaper on many items than Woolies and they have the items I want unlike the much bigger Woolies store. Unlike the Foodland in a nearby coastal town ours doesn’t appear to increase its prices over the summer tourist season. I’ve lived in the ACT and am not surprised they came in the cheapest as they have a range of supermarkets not the duopoly that seems to exist in a lot of other places. Even in Adelaide I find the big Foodlands can be cheaper than Coles or Woolies and they often stock a wider range.

  6. It’s ok to have these cheaper supermarkets but when you add on petrol and in some cases parking fees they work out more expensive.

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    • No surprises here. there are a few things I like to buy regularly that Aldi doesnt stock, so i’ll wait until I see them on special and go into woolies or coles every so often to pick them. even so, its still very easy to spend over $30, so there’s the $2.00 petrol discount anyway.

  7. We don’t have Aldi in WA, so it’s Woolies or Coles. If you want the freshest fruit and veg …. That’s IGA. If you want absolute local veggies then Farmer Jacks

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