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We here at Starts at 60 already knew life starts again at 60, but now there’s research to prove it! Years ago, middle age or the second half of your life began in your late 30s and early 40s, but now as we’re getting older and staying healthy, middle age is now between 60 and 70!

A new survey by Cigna Insurance Services of 2,000 adults found that 50 to 64-year-olds are getting happier with age, and those in their 60s have the same outlook and prospects as a 40-year-old in the 1930s.

Baby boomers are more active than ever, living their best life and really getting out there because they know it’s not too late, unlike in the 1950s and 60s when turning 60 was considered a good run, i.e. it was all over.

With that said, a quarter of the survey respondents said they lie about their age, though not necessarily for a bad reason – they simply feel younger.

US psychologist Walter B Pitkin, coined the phrase ‘Life Begins at 40’ but now we know life really begins at 60.

When asked at what point people become ‘old’, the average response was 68.01 years. Do you remember when people in their 50s were considered elderly? (Sometimes they still are!)

More than six in 10 people over-65s say they have enjoyed life more since passing the age of 50, while more than half (51 per cent) feel that older people are unfairly treated by businesses.

One in three over 65s feel discriminated against for being old despite not feeling old.

“Conceit and prejudice surrounding ageing need to be consigned to the dustbin. This is a generation that views maturity as empowering, and retirement as liberating.

“People are refusing to be defined by a number that ticks up as each birthday goes by. Older people are happier, more confident and more adventurous than ever before”, he said.

Hear, hear!

Do you agree with this survey? Did life start at 60 for you?

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  1. No matter what the research says , people will judge by their own experiences, if you feel well and healthy and happy in your 60’s, then I am sure life will be great but if you have health issues and chronic pain and money worries I am sure people will think in their 40’s they were better off.

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    • Libbi I agree with you, as you know Libbi I do live with chronic pain however although it is at times quite difficult for me to participate in the things I love, I make sure I do as much as I can because I refuse to let it get the better of me, you can too Libbi just have faith in yourself, and things will improve slowly.

    • No when we have hit rock bottom the only way is up you can make this happen, we are all here to help when you need it. Sending one huge HUG to set you on your way up.

  2. Although still on the road to recovery from numerous surgeries I feel young at heart and hope with a little help to get fit once again and I will be able to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer.
    I agree life does start at 60 and I am reminded of that everyday here where I live as everyone is involved in all kinds of activities and enjoying life to the full, it’s wonderful to see the determination in people who are committed to having a damn good time.

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  3. I have always lived life to its fullest. I have noticed I’m a bit slower since I passed the 70 mark. Yes life’s good. B|

  4. Most of us have struggles – health, family, financial – but however bad, it really is true there is always someone worse off. I choose every day to be happy and enjoy whatever life I can!

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  5. What 60? I’m still going through puberty…lol

  6. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. I have been remembering my parents and my in laws at our age. They were older in every way possible, physically, mentally, psychologically. I don’t know why this is. I definitely know that physically activity has a lot to do with it. My parents and in laws could not spell exercise let along do it. I remember them doing a lot of sitting, watching TV. My parents from about 60 refused to open their mail. Every Saturday my husband and I had to travel 34 k to open their mail for them. My mother said that they were to old to be bothered with mail and it was our job to look after them. Being young and foolish and not knowing any better we accepted this. My husbands parents were the same. When they lost their spouses it became worse. If my husband visited his mother the weekend after her birthday she would abuse him and accuse him of not caring. Then when he visited her on her birthday she would say the birthdays mean nothing at her age. He couldn’t win. I am determined to keep mentally and physically active and not waste whatever years the good Lord has left for me. Age is just a number.

  7. I am 65 now, so five year in, life is ok but I can never stop thinking of “if only I knew then (in the younger years) what I know now”, life may have been different, I would be better prepared for the good life to begin at sixty!

    Does that even make sense?

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  8. Yes I think their statement is correct, the people are starting to accept us as human beings and especially the younger ones. I used to think that they thought we were invisible. You seem to have conversations with them now. Even though I can’t keep up with my young ones as well, I still don’t feel like doddering around even though I am way older than the sixties.

  9. My hubby is 83 and me just about to turn 76 all most 8 months ago we moved in to a retirement village best thing we ever did and plus it gave us money over off our house sale now we can get out and have fun going on a cruise for Christmas so excited hugs

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