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As we sit here, desperately trying to log in to our Faceplace box, we wonder, is anyone listening? We don’t know if over 60s are on social media! I mean, we don’t have over 130,000 likes or anything…

Try and tell that to researchers who’ve meticulously gathered data that has conclusively found that shock, horror, baby boomers are on social media – in droves, actually.

One in seven over 55s are using Facebook and Twitter to communicate, and, as the Daily Mail so charmingly put it, the new data shows a sharp rise in silver social surfers in the last three years.

Between 2012 and 2015, the amount of people on social media aged 55 to 64 has doubled.

The Office for National Statistics found that daily computer use is soaring in the older generation – in 2006, just one in 10 over 65s used a computer every day compared to almost half now.

Other recent research (yep, there’s more!) found 60 per cent of our peers said they couldn’t live without the internet and a further 40 per cent found it useful in managing their daily life.

As usual, we’ll put this in the ‘duh, we knew that’ pile (boomers having sex and using the internet) and keep doing what we’re doing! Starts at 60 knows you’re online and that over 60s are awesome at using technology and social media.


Tell us, have you had the wool pulled over your eyes this whole time? How long have you been using computers and social media?

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  1. We need to, I started off when my daughter travelled overseas and left me with her old computer to use Sype so we could stay in touch. Then I was alone and lonely and found many amazing friends on FB and also using a game site for amusement. Marriages break down, kids leave home, friends disappear from our lives and so here we are and to be honest I just love your site I turned 70 this year and access to a computer keeps our brains active as well. Also we have to keep up with the changes that are occurring daily – not like the good old days with the wood stove and a radio for companionship!

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  2. It was a necessity for me if I wanted to see family photos and stay in the loop,then along came Starts at Sixty and transformed my life!

  3. Some oldies are & some don’t, I have some friends that won’t have anything to do with computers, as for FB they call it rubish, Oh well each to their own I guess.

  4. Love my FB keeps me in touch with many old and current friends. I also am informed about current events, days before I hear anything on TV news. I must admit I have many friends who say they are addicted to it. I am a bit too busy at times with my many responsibilities to get this way. But I still think it is a wonderful site . Just like Over 60’s.

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