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Having lived in London for a spell and having carted many a heavy bag up stairs by myself during rush hour, I scoffed a little at the title of this short film: Art Londoner’s Horrible (a kindness experiment). 

But in two minutes, the filmmakers have turned my memories around, and instead of being jostled on the Tube, ignored in shops and restaurants, and stepped around when I lost the contents of my handbag, I recalled the kinder side of Londoners.

The time a stranger gave me a travel card because they weren’t going to use it again that day, the bus driver who waited until he saw me safely into my building in the dark, times when politeness wasn’t akin to aloofness in busy, busy London town.

Action Productions, which created the film, told Mashable, “We wanted to make a film that encouraged kindness because we feel these small acts give everyone a little lift during the day.”

“It’s not only great for those who receive the helping hand, but the person who does the kind act always leaves with a smile on their face too. It’s win-win for everybody!”

So watch and see what happens when people take two seconds out of their day to help a stranger. It will make your day!


Have you been to London? Do you think of Londoners as being kind or “horrible”?

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  1. Earl’s Court Station, London, 2005. I was struggling up the stairs with my suitcase, just arrived from Australia.. Peak hour, a man who had run up the stairs past me.. stopped, sighed, then came back and said *May I help you Madam*… Chivalry is not dead and from that moment on I loved Londoners!

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    • I had the same thing happen to me,but then I had two workmen stare and laugh at me as I struggled up stairs with a large suitcase

    • I had the same thing happen to me. I had just arrived from Australia and had a broken foot which was in a caste. I was at the bottom of a stair well on the Underground. A young woman saw my dilemma and carried my case all the way up the stairs. It was a lovely welcome to London and one I will never forget.

  2. Same as everywhere else, mixed bag of good and bad. Yes it does more than make your day when you receive kindness.

  3. Same here Jenny, people going opposite way would turn back & help with my suitcase in London, even had a lady help me one time.

  4. There are many places in the world where you would never allow anyone to take over your bag or suitcase — they would be gone forever in seconds! I’ve seen it happen in New York..

  5. Yes I remember my first overseas holiday after the passing of my Husband in 2011 I was on my way home from Dubai had my cabin case handbag plus the two boxes of the Duty Free they had packed I was about to get on the escalator when this elderly Indian Man asked me did I want a hand and I said my boys said to me just remember when you go away you have to handle your own luggage, when I got down off the escalator I went and spoke to the Gentleman and said I hope I didn’t offend you and told him what my boys had said and was very polite and said he could understand where my boys were coming from.

  6. When I travelled throughout England and Scotland heaps of men helped me up and down the stairs at railway stations with my luggage. Thank you to all.

  7. We had a similar experience at the London Underground trying to get up top to the train we had two suit cases and cabin luggage. Heading to the lift where a young women with a child in a push chair waiting at a lift called out are you ok and ran back took our bags i pushed the pram and she took us all the way to the train, I was very humbled by this act of kindness, we were totally out of our comfort zone

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