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Aldi’s latest plan for its customers has come a bit out of left field, but it’s actually going to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

It might seem like a bit of a weird partnership but it makes sense, and why not get on board now when you’ve got customers in the palm of your hand? Aldi has just announced they’ve teamed up with online music site Napster to launch its own music streaming service.

Now, you might be saying, “what?!” but in fact, this is great for consumers, especially those who haven’t been exposed to music streaming services before. The name of the service will be Aldi Life Musik and users will have access to Napster’s catalogue of 34 million songs and 10,000 audio books, reports The Age.

However it isn’t free – you need to pay around $12 a month to access content via the new platform, but it sounds very worth it. Imagine being able to find that song from your teens with the click of the button and listen to it on repeat? It takes away the hassle of downloading a song, paying for it, then uploading to a device.

But is it the right move for Aldi? It seems a little different to what they’re used to doing but it looks like they’re getting ahead of the curve.

At this stage it’s unclear when it will be rolled out in Australia but one thing is for sure: Aldi certainly knows how to get customers’ attention.


Tell us, will you look into using Aldi’s Life Musik or do you think you’ll just stick to groceries? Has this changed your perspective on the German supermarket?

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  1. The way you have written it up seems very impressive, but I’m sorry it failed to impress me.

  2. I do shop aldi’s store in prahran a lots of elderly do the shopping .My concern is when you go to pay for your groceries ,remarkes like that from one of the staff to a person with disability in her arms . To to hurry up because she was holding people up.More respect should be the best policy of Aldi’s apart from the specials.

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  3. My brother has 2 iPads, 2 computers, 4 iPods or similar devices. All of them are super loaded with music. Over ten thousand songs or pieces of music. But, he listens to Spotify or Pandora most of the time. He is never without music except when he’s watching his huge curved screen TV. In spite of this enormous overload of music, he tried to download Apple Streaming, but it didn’t work. There is no way, no way, he will hear about Aldi’s music streaming from me!! He was in hospital recently and used Spotify on his iPad all the time. He pays $35 per month for his SIM card Internet. He got a bill for $535 as he’s gone over his limit! And he likely had the music on his iPad anyway!! Go figure!

  4. What the ……!!! Doesn’t impress me. I still listen to the radio and get the music I enjoy plus the New every hour or so 🙂

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    • I do as well,,it won’t sway me!

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