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Aldi has released a very funny response to this year’s John Lewis ad – they’ve poked fun at expensive presents from the department store… and offered cheaper alternatives.

Produce placement is king is this parody – Aldi compares their cheaper products to the expensive items sold at John Lewis!

Most of us can relate to Christmas shopping at department stores, as they can often stock something for a higher marked price than cheaper stores.

Check out the hilarious ad below and tell us, have you done you Xmas shopping?


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  1. Just got a few pantry items this morning to put away for xmas. No Aldi till next March for us in Perth, look forward to it.

  2. I have not had the best of experiences with some Aldi purchases. They do take returns which is good but darn inconvenient.

  3. Do aldi keep the money in the country like John Lewis does, & pay so many pensions to its ex-staff members & provide holiday places for them to enjoy? Then I will support them!

  4. Hmmmm – John Lewis – owned by the staff, Aldi a multinational flogging off cheap Chinese junk. I know where I would go to shop.

  5. who or what is John Lewis? I don’t care about Aldi. the worlds largest store that crushes small business no matter where it goes. I avoid these international leeches

  6. Aldi products are sometimes so much better then others who charge more. I have had many products from them and they are still working, I mostly buy online for presents etc. I love Aldi for food and I also go to Coles. I am a pensioner so I am happy with my products. I know people who have Aldi Coffee Machine and is perfect, I had two and they were no good. Just how it goes.

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