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ALDI is continuing their reign as one of our favourite supermarkets, and their latest plan to get older women into their stores could be a winner.

Yesterday we reported that the German supermarket was building 80 more stores and now, they’ve revealed the latest line that could get even more females in the door.

ALDI Australia are launching an exclusive anti-ageing skincare range in their stores, tailored especially to mature women. The luxury skincare line boasts a selection of products for under $25.

So what is so special about these new products? They’re made with grape seed extract (the same used in premium French wine) and injected gold.

Your nearby ALDI store will stock the five anti-ageing creams and serums, with the expensive item priced at $24.99 and the cheapest at $19.99, from today.

LACURA Cuvée Royal has been developed by top European skincare experts and dermatologists and ALDI has said it will help to ‘smooth and revitalise’ skin while being ‘competitively priced in the market’, reports the Daily Mail.

The range also contains QT40, a dermis activator that assists in refining skin structure and improving skin softness, so it really does seem like it ticks all the boxes when it comes to what older women look for in their skincare.

We can expect good things too – the range has been a hit in the UK with rave reviews.


Will you give it a go? What else do you buy at ALDI? 

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  1. They charge you a transaction fee so it’s better to pay cash!

    7 REPLY
  2. Have bought steak and port from there and both were rather tough plus they don’t have a big enough range to shop there for everything you need. Despite what people say they are not always cheaper on all items.

    1 REPLY
  3. I love their products but have found their skin care products affect my eyes? Not sure why as I don’t use near them but with in half an hour my eyes are stinging?

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    • I thought it was just me Libby. As long as I don’t use Lacura around my eyes it is fine and seems to plump up the skin. Very satisfied with the product.

  4. My families all shop there and use the skin care products and love them. My son has had particular success with the Lacura and his Psoriasis. I will give this new range a go!

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