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The Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier have decided the best possible election tactic, the week before the Queensland election is to launch a suit for aggravated damages against Alan Jones and his network who have made a series of controversial comments during the state election campaign.

Both Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney have made individual claims that the comments made by Jones in broadcasts have caused each to be “greatly injured in his credit and reputation”.  But we have to ask… Is it election tactics?  Or are the claims again Jones warranted?  Give us your thoughts today. 

According to reports in the ABC, the pair are suing over three broadcasts made on the 19th, 20th and 21st January in which Mr Jones alleged Mr Newman had lied to him about plans for the New Hope Coal expansion at Acland, in the Darling Downs.

The Liberal politicians claim that they were defamed by Jones when he claimed the LNP received a “bribe” of $700,000 from the owners of the mine in the form of donations to the party, and this induced Mr Newman and Mr Seeney to approve the expansion plan.

Newman is also seeking damages over Jones’s remarks on January 19 that Mr Newman had “prostituted himself” because of the donation and lied in a press release issued in February 2012 in which the then-opposition leader said the LNP would not approve the expansion if elected.

It is an interesting debate and one that is not going to lie down quietly in the media now it has been called to major action.  We know Alan Jones is never one to back down, and it appears Newman is firing his shot over the bow in signal he isn’t either.

They are apparently seeking aggravated damages because of “the sensational language, tone and prominence of the matters complained of” and because Jones made the remarks in his broadcasts “knowing them to be false or with reckless indifference to their truth or falsity and lacking an honest belief in what he published”.

The LNP have confirmed they will fund the defamation action and 4BC declined to comment to the ABC today.

This seems to be just the beginning, and perhaps just the fight Alan Jones was looking for when he came to Queensland to disrupt the politics of the day in the pre-election period.

Share your thoughts on the public fight between Newman and Alan Jones today… 

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. The hand biting the dog that fed it? Perhaps marriage counselling would be cheaper than court costs? If it wasn’t all so grotesque it might be funny, but they are each of them revolting excuses for decency.

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    • Liz S, Neither has any credibility, shameless self-promoters. I would have imagined that they would see pretty much eye to eye about most issues, so it is fascinating to see this little spat turning toxic. Both imploding – bring it on!

  2. I totally agree, about time Campbell Newman took Allan Jones to task. Allan jones thinks he is bullet proof and can say and do what he likes with out any consequences. It is a pity the net could not be cast wider and catch a few other people around who are spreading lies and misinformation about Campbell Newman and his family.

  3. Alan Jones is a true egotist and narcissist. I no longer listen to this man because of his over opinionated view on everything. If you agree with him you are his friend of not look out. I think people are getting tired of the so called shock jocks.

  4. Well if lies were dollars Mr Newman would own the world . And Allen Jones do not listen to him so can not say.

  5. Good on you Campbell. Jones is the mouthpiece of the Labour party and an outspoken clown.

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    • That is the best laugh I have had for years – Alan Jones as a spokesperson for ALP. Next you will say that Russ Hinze died of anorexia and that Joh didn’t have a gerrymander.

  6. I would recommend reading “Jonestown, The power and the myth of Alan Jones” by Chris Masters. It gives a very good insight into Alan Jones and his life including his undue political influence. It will give some insight into the reasons for his attack on Campbell Newman. It becomes apparent in the book if you don’t do Alan Jones bidding you are his enemy and he will do his best destroy you. Maybe Jones has something in common with Clive Palmer? An unfettered ego and too much money. Makes you wonder if Clive is funding Jones’ anti-Newman campaign.

  7. It’s a circus. Don’t believe a thing I hear any more. Just keep paying my taxes.

  8. It’s funny how politicians can lie with impunity and then are allowed to sue someone they say has lied about them! The hypocrisy beggars belief!

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