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Any grandparent will remember that beautiful moment when we found out we were having a new grandchild. It’s an exhilarating moment that makes you squeal with delight and cry.

But there are some of us who have been by the side of our daughter or daughter-in-law who has struggled to get pregnant for years. We’ve been there through the disappointment, the tears, the promising news and then ulimately, the very very sad news. So many of us have been there.

One lady who had been waiting to be a grandmother just as much as her daughter had been waiting to be a mum was Cathy Hutcheon.

Her daughter Nicola, 38, had been trying for a baby for 11 years and sadly, Cathy’s other daughters also had been unsuccessful.

So you can imagine the shock and delight when Nicola announced to her mother that she was pregnant.

The life-changing moment was recorded on film and clearly, Cathy wanted everyone to know!

“I’m on Cloud Nine. After the video I ran out and shouted: ‘I’m Cathy Hutcheon and I’m going to be a gran’. I’ve only just got my voice back from screaming,” Cathy told the Daily Record,

As far as we were concerned Nicola couldn’t have weans. Just the week before I was saying I thought I would never be a grandmother…I just feel like screaming it to the world. I’m so excited’.

After years of IVF treatment, Nicola conceived naturally – what a beautiful story.

We wish Nicola and her hubby all the best and there’s no doubt he or she will be spoiled rotten by the entire family, especially their over-the-moon Nana.

Watch the video below and warning, it contains lots of screaming and crying!

Tell us, were you this excited when you were told you had a new grandchild on the way?

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  1. I know that every baby born is precious but I don’t think a day can go past in which we are not grateful for our 10 yo twins. The road was hard especially for mother but we are so happy they are here. Proud and happy Grandma (Gamma)

  2. We have had the joy of easy conceptions,so the pain and sadness of not being able to have a child is devastating. This reaction says it all !wonderful!

  3. Yes, but lve had a close friend n 2 nieces go thru this. Both nieces eventualy were successful n my friend adopted n 2 months later got pregnant naturally!

  4. My eldest son had been in a relationship for 12 years when one day he announced his partner was pregnant .. I was so excited for him because I knew he would make a wonderful dad . In about the third trimester I got a letter from his partner tell me to not contact them again ever or any children they might have . Her excuse was that she believed I had a mental illness ( I don’t – but there have been those who liked to create mischief)) . Even with this I still believed in my son and that everything would right itself . so you can imagine how I felt when I eventually heard on the grapevine that my granddaughter had been born some 3 weeks earlier with the order that no one was to tell me about it .. Since then a grandson has been born as well . my son has blocked me on Facebook changed his phone and address so there is no chance of me contacting them and no chance of my grandchildren having any sort of relationship for me .. however , I am happy for those who do get to have a relationship with grandchildren. If you get the chance be thankful – it is not the same for some of us…

    7 REPLY
    • Oh Meredith I just read your comment, that’s so sad for you, I don’t have any grand children but it must hurt..feel for you..

    • it does hurt especially around mother’s day and Christmas .. I do have 4 other grandchildren from second son, but not able to see them often either again because of another daughterinlaw .. one of those is seriously ill . I really wanted to see her for mothers day but was not allowed to go .. I have never had a mother’s day a with any grandchildren . however because I felt very much for my daughter inlaw and what she is going through ( no woman should have to go through watching her child cope with serious illness) I sent her some flowers for mother’s day and at least she said thank you that was something .. I spent the day alone ..and still processing the pain of that but will be right as rain tomorrow ….. this is all the outflow of divorce ( not my choice) but some stuff said to justify my ex’s actions.. I am one of many in such situations and most days I am fine and grateful for the wonderful friends I have .

    • I can’t imagine what you are feeling Meredith, my heart goes out to you. I gave 1 gorgeous grandson and couldn’t imagine not seeing him at least every week if not twice. I hope the future is a lot better for you. God bless. Xxx

  5. I am more happy for the couple than the grandmother. They must have gone through slot to have this baby and not known if it would ever happen.

  6. No video to see….
    Have 12 grandies under 13 years (6 boys, 6 girls, one set twins) living close by and see some of them a lot. Feel so lucky to have had this amazing experience. Adore them all… So precious….

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