Adorable baby polar bear takes its first steps

Get ready for perhaps the cutest thing you’ve seen in years. A baby polar bear, just two months old has

Get ready for perhaps the cutest thing you’ve seen in years. A baby polar bear, just two months old has been recorded by Toronto Zoo taking its first steps and learning to eat out of a bowl.

polar bear_toronto zoo_ball

“Still quite wobbly on her feet, she works hard to get up on all fours. She was also introduced to eating from a bowl for the first time this week.”

The two month old female cub is made for the cold temperatures, but she also made the best of them, snuggling under a blanket and playing with a ball.

She’s not on display yet at the zoo so these sneaky videos is all anyone can enjoy!

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  1. Clare Miller

    so sweet – she doesnt seem to sure about the walking yet . Where was her mama bear ?

    • Clare Miller

      I,m glad you clarified that fact about the heat. It wouldn’t be a good look for zoos to be roasting and eating their exhibits .I can imagine the staff meeting “we’ve got too many polar bears – the boss says to have a staff bbq on Friday and to spit roast old Ned ” ha ha:-). The reason I asked where her mother was is that in attachment theory babies look to their mothers for reassurance in uncomfortable situations and by the way she was crying and looking around I wondered where her mama bear was. Sometimes I cant take my work hat off as a therapist and am a big softie when it comes to babies and baby animals. It is not a criticism as it is obvious the animals are well cared for. I was fascinated to witness the same behaviour in this wee one as I see with little people.

  2. Fred Avey

    well it could be, but I haven’t put my photo on SAS so It can take the prize this time,

  3. Bruce Mahony

    Did we all know the Polar Bear’s coat fluoresces in UV light so that they can see each other when they are out on the ice and snow. Arctic Fox fur is the same. So did you deduct both the Polar Bear and Arctic Fox can see all the colours in human spectrum plus UV? B|

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