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In the funniest video we’ve seen in a while, a kangaroo, being kept as a pet on Staten Island escaped and became headline news overnight, hopping around on the streets of Staten Island.  Americans are flummoxed by the creature which was reported to police and the ASPSA.  The animal, named Buster has everyone talking across all the news channels.

“The little marsupial was wandering near Alb’s Auto Repair Shop on Travis Ave. about 8 a.m. before it ducked into a driveway”, bystander and auto shop owner Urim Osmani said to one news service.

“It was jumping around, enjoying the freedom and the fun,” Osmani, 34, said. “We didn’t know what it was. We thought it was a deer. When it came closer, we saw it was a kangaroo. We thought it disappeared from a zoo or something.”

Buster is over a metre tall, and was eventually caught in a neighbours backyard with a 6 foot fence making it difficult for him to escape. Gawker’s report says his owner, lives in Upstate New York, but was visiting a friend on Victory Blvd. on Staten Island, when Buster broke free.  Goodness knows how he got there, or why he was there… How funny!


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Which way to the rugby World Cup ? Supporting the ABs….!!

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  2. I can never understand Americas laws re the keeping of wild animals. Apparently it’s ok to keep tigers, monkeys etc, all sorts of things that in my opinion should never be kept as pets. Kangaroos can reach speeds up to 35mph & jump up to 25 feet. Why would you want confine one? Unless in a zoo. I don’t get it.

  3. Just thought you should all know that stress in kangaroos causes myothopy where the muscles tie up or loss of oxygen to the muscles usually causes death, usually within 30 minutes. I work in the industry & have seen it many times. Please remove this from Facebook.

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    • I feel very sad about this, that is a coastal roo, he is only small and fine boned, he should never have been allowed to be taken out of Australia.

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      • I agree. How did it get to the USA and why are they allowed to keep them as pets

  4. This makes me so angry,get a dog and return this poor thing back to Australia so it can live in the bush where it should, WTF is wrong with you people.

  5. Why is this funny? Stupid people. A kangaroo is NOT a pet, but obviously that thought has never occurred in their tiny little brains. The poor roo must have been terrified……..

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