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Tony Abbott has promised to help hard-working Australians with a tax system that encourages workers to “have a go”.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Prime Minister claims too many Australians were being “discouraged from working more, earning more and investing more”.

These “have-a-go” income tax cuts, which Mr. Abbott has suggested will be revealed in more detail shortly, promises to address an income tax system that is currently putting “a handbrake on economic growth”.

“We want to help hard-working Australians. It’s in our DNA”.

Mr. Abbott stated that, unless something changed, around 300,000 Australians will soon move into the second-highest tax bracket.

“And in 10 years, without tax reform, almost half of all taxpayers will be in the top two tax brackets, a jump from 27 per cent to 43 per cent”.

“Australia needs a tax system that rewards hard work and sends a simple message: ‘Have a go!’ We will be laying out more details on our plan for Australia’s tax system over the coming months.”

However, politics being politics, the announcement isn’t without its sceptics. Shadow Treasurer Chris Brown dismissed the plan as “all talk”, questioning how this change will be funded.

Mr. Brown said these cuts were “exactly what was promised prior to the 2013 election”.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has previously been making a case for tax relief. However, Abbott’s comments take this further with the suggestion that his government will give concrete details of this plan by early next year.

“Lower taxes, less regulation, higher productivity, that’s what we are on about every single day and that obviously is Joe’s overwhelming focus”, said Mr. Abbott.

With Abbott falling behind in the national polls, this promise could be a crucial lynchpin in the next election.

“We will have more to say about keeping taxes low in the lead-up to the election, but bracket creep is a problem and that is why Joe was absolutely right to put it on the agenda”.

Do you feel you’ve been given a fair go? Are you optimistic about the promised tax cuts? And what changes would you like to see to ensure hard-working Australians are rewarded?

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  1. Abbott is pathetic, he is trying anything he can to go up in the polls, face facts your a loser Abbott and have a loser Government

    23 REPLY
    • Ha ha…..labor are pathetic…..useless pieces of crap who left us with a record deficit.

    • Take your blinkers off Bill Bee both sides are as bad as each other, and unfortunately it’s people like you that justify what these idiots do.

    • Bill Bee The Liberal Government has doubled the deficit and Sandra Lucre please don’t comment on my posts, if your not intelligent enough to comment without name calling then I am not interested in what you have to say

    • I read Bill Bee’s comments on another post, he is not only ignorant but he is a racist, anything he has to say I discount

    • Yes Leanna I have to agree with you, there is a name for these people and their called TROLLS.

    • I don’t know how the Liberal supporters can ignore the fact that our debt has tripled with these incompetent fools in charge. Do they stick their fingers in their ears when the economists state the facts?

    • How sad are you blind anti Abbott people. Evil is BIll Shorten and his union cronies, ripping off the workers! Can’t believe some people who are blind to ALP corruption at workers expense!

    • I only asked a simple question if u can’t answer it go back in your hole and leave this to people who would like to have a conversation about how these people that are in power is destroying the country that we love you have plenty to say about nothing Leanna

    • sorry if I sound nasty Phil, I am not well today at all and I am not commenting much, it was one one of these post today he made a comment about people leaving leaving Australia to go go to nz because we had more muslims here..cheers mate

    • One big mix up my mistake I thought Leanna was talking about Bill Shorton ( I apologise ) Leanna get well

    • I hope your feel better soon Leanna, however you don’t ow anyone an explanation, if people can’t look it up for themselves then that’s tough.

    • Sorry I just noticed the typo before the spelling police pick it up, it should have been owe.

    • Rozzy Battles, you don’t want people to comment on you posts if they “name call” – practice what you preach then would be my suggestion – you are the worst offender.

    • Bill Bee , excuse me ….. who’s leaving us with a huge deficit ! Doesn’t Australia owe more money now than ever ? Which Government kept us out of a recession ? Didn’t we have a triple A credit rating under the Labor Government ? Didn’t this Government get in with a pack of lies ? Pull your head in.

    • Bill Bee Howard & Costello started the ball rolling selling off our assets lowering taxes, baby bonuses …

  2. At least he doesn’t just put people on Welfare to make them reliant on Government. Welcome change.

    2 REPLY
    • Your Joking !! the unemployment figures are the highest in 20 years, go tell that to the people in the car industry and the spare parts manufacturers. Abbott has people lining up to get in the dole line

    • Highest unemployment because of these jerks and you can’t get a helping hand? Good way to increase crime isn’t it, people still have to eat you know

  3. I don’t believe a word that man says, Abbott was in the same Liberal Government that bought in Work choices, they don’t give a bugga about workers all they care about is the top end of town

    4 REPLY
  4. I work in areas people won’t live doing work under conditions that most won’t work in but it is my choice. But it would be good to get breaks as everything I buy or need I have to add at least $15 and 2hrs to. You don’t just go down the street. Then there is the poor communication. The wages try and compensate in part but then I go into higher bracket and am worse off. There has to be an incentive to keep workers in rural Australia

  5. What a load of crap, it is getting closer to election time , only the lame of brain will believe and vote for the LNP, they will promise you anything..then break their promises quicker than you can blink

    1 REPLY
  6. What a load of BS, and he also said it’s in their DNA give us a break the only thing in their DNA is to feed a load of BS to everyone just before an ELECTION and EXPECT everyone to believe what he has to say, Start by setting a BLOODY EXAMPLE to all AUSSIES, POLITICIANS wonder why Aussies don’t trust anything they say, and that would be because both sides make promises they have no BLOODY INTENTION ON KEEPING.

  7. In a time of steadily growing government debt a clear explanation of how it would be funded without worsening the debt is needed. What is desirable and what is affordable are quite different. I heard a Liberal Party adviser on TV announce they’d fund it by reducing government spending, there is the crunch, what spending?

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