95-year-old man shows that getting a healthy body is achievable at any age 4



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Most people would think that working out in your 60s, let alone your 90s, would be hard. But for one man, it’s his life and he loves to talk about it.

Meet Charles Eugster: the 95-year-old body builder who is the self confessed “coolest man alive”, a “medical marvel” and who could kick your butt.

Just this month, the spritely almost-centenarian set a new world record in the 200 metre sprint (in the 95+ age bracket) – he did it in 55.48 seconds.

Charles told the Huffington Post that he wants to change the world. “I want to make old age something wonderful, stupendous, fantastic, superb, interesting, exciting…“I want to make old age the best part of one’s life”, he said. We couldn’t agree more!

In this TEDxTalk that Charles gave in 2012, he talks about ageing, obesity and the spirit of longevity. If you have some time today, we highly recommend you watch it:

Tell us, has Charles Eugster given you a new perspective? 



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  1. I love reading stories like this. I reinforces my knowledge and belief that regular exercise and decent food (I shy away from the word diet) will help prevent up to 60% of all lifestyle diseases and allow us to have a long and enjoyable life. I have written two similar articles in the last couple of weeks on my own blog. If you would like to read them they are here: http://www.steamtrainfitness.com/fitness-exercise/why-exercising-now-is-so-vital-in-preventing-serious-health-issues-later-on-in-your-life/ and here http://www.steamtrainfitness.com/medical-conditions/exercise-vital-preventing-serious-health-issues-old-age/

  2. I am really surprised this post received so little feedback and comment. It is one of the most inspiring TED Talks I have seen in ages………especially for baby boomers. Maybe Charles says a number of things many people don’t really want to hear (even though they know they should be doing something about it). Charles also states that “inactivity kills” which is why exercise is vital in preventing serious health issues in old age. All I can do to encourage you is repeat his closing message – “GO FOR IT”.

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